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Triumph TR6 - Falcon SS Dual Exhaust

Anybody have a pic of the bracket(s) that attaches the two oval mufflers to the underside of the car? Apparently the fitting kit, which I already have on my like-new Falcon SS single muffler system is identical except for the bracket(s). Don't want to buy the whole kit for a bracket. I know I can fab one but a pic of the real thing would be a help.
Bob Evans

I don't have a picture at the moment but it's a pretty simple bit of galvanized angle iron. Leg lengthes were on the oreder of about an 1 1/2" and thickness of about 3/16" if I'm remembering correctly. Galvanized might be hard to find, but a good primer and top coat application of paint should suffice for corrossion protection.

The bracket bolts to the spare well area floor through a hole you make. A flexible strap using short bolts and fender washers make up the rest connecting the muffler to the bracket.

I'll try and get a picture this evening and put it up in another post.

Bob, On or off the car?

Don - either on or off the car would suffice. Just want a starting point. Like Steve says, I'm thinking galvanized angle iron and I have a length left over from the garage door opener kit. Thank you both.
Bob Evans

Have a picture now, a couple of notes first. The bracket wasn't as big as recalled. It's more along the lines of 3/4" to 1" wide and leg lengthes on the order of 1 to 1/4". You can scale it off the fasteners, they are 5/16" (8mm) diameter so heads and nuts are 1/2" (13mm).

The fender washer is in the spare well to help spread the load and while the strap uses semi channeled shapes as supports, fender washers would work there or use washers for coarse thread bolts as they have a larger diameter and are reasonaly thick and won't deform unless you go completely out of control on install.

The greenish dollop seen on the nut where the bracket attaches to the underside of the spare well is some excess sealant. Call me retentive if you wish, but for stuff such as this, I like to use a faying surface seal to help keep out moisture and minimize corrossion at the body attach points. Here I used your run of the mill Hylomar seal, this one was YamaBond specifically. One of our local bike shops that carry both Honda and Yamaha trade off on brands depending on which ever cost less in the latest price lists. The same company makes the stuff for both, just labels the tubes for each bike company.


Thanks Steve. From the pic it looks like you made up one for each muffler. I was thinking of one long bracket and hanging both from it but it may be easier to "hide" doing two small ones. I've got the idea, thanks.
Bob Evans

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