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Triumph TR6 - Fender Flange

After getting the "wings" off of my 250 I noticed that the flanges are not in the best shape. Other than that the fenders are in perfect shape so i dont want to replace them, just wondering about a repair for the flange section. About the last 6 inches of both rear fenders are not in very good shape. Is this an easy fix for a welding shop? Splice and rivit a repair? Just curious as to how others have tackled this problem.



What lucky guys, everyone with great fenders. 10 replies on how to turn carbs though.................
Mitch Smith

Looks like nobody has encountered your problem exactly. I think when it comes to body work and metal repair/welding most body shops are capable regardless of the kind of vehicle. Even if there is metal missing they would know what needs to be added by using your good wings for reference. You should have a competent body work man take a look and let you know.

Good luck.
HP Henry Patterson

Thanks Henry. I had always thought that this was a weak point on TR's, the gap between the fender and the body. When the cars were built i dont think alot of time went into sealing this area. Its off to the local panel beater I suppose....


Mitch Smith

I restored my TR3A from 1987 to 1990. Every part was pre-painted off the car. I put it together with no sealer or dum-dum between the fenders and the tub - only the stainless steel decorative beading. It still looks great with no paint blisters or bubbles 16 years and 88,000 miles later.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

You chaps have heard us Ontario connection talk about British Car Day. Well go to Don's link as above and then to his gallery and you will see a pic of 1/2! of the field of cars not to mention some nice pics of Don's award winning TR3A. My car is hidden by Mike Petryschuk's bonnett.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

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