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Triumph TR6 - Folded top cover mystery

My friend Malcolm picked up a folded top cover for his TR6 but we are baffled (as was the seller and a few others) why it has a flap under another flap around the outside edge. I've posted some pix of it on my site for you to see and maybe one of you can enlighten us. I'm sure most of your covers are like mine..just one solid cover.
Charlie Ballard

Charlie, I have one of these covers with my car as well and am told by very reliable sources that they only came with a hardtop equipped car. Somehow, the convertible top is left on the car and this cover will hide it while the hardtop is on.
Gene Holtzclaw

Correct, that is the hood cover for cars fitted with both hard and soft tops. If the car is fitted with both, the set screws along the rear stiffener plate are removed and the stiffener is placed isndie the car with the folded soft top. Tie bars are added at the side to one of the three pivot plate screws, left and right. The hard top is then fitted. Two bolts are used at the rear, at the tie bars and at the windscreen. The hood cover is then snapped to positions on the hard top, drapes over the stowed soft top and is also snapped to positions on the interior trim panels.

You can also remove the soft top completely and dispense with the cover. Mounting is the same. The advantage of removing the soft top when the hard top is fitted is that the back shelf can them be used as an occasional rear set. If you can find some of the old TR4/4A/250/5 rear seat parts, all the better. Probably works best if the occasion is something along the lines of a third or fourth birthday. Of course this occasional rear seat business goes back to the days before we discovered safety. I remember riding many times in the back of MGBs and TRs as a kid when either the top was up or the car had been fitted with hardtop.

This particular cover does not have any holes in it. Does that mean it would need holes to allow the hardtop to be attached ? Malcolm does have a hard top on his car now so we'll have to investigate further
Charlie Ballard

When I got my new soft top from my wife for Christmas ( they do like our little toys too:) it had zero holes in it but came with all the fasteners. I suppose the manufacturer does not want resposibility for fasteners being in the wrong place.

Remember there is a special tool to put the fasteners on the soft top and I am not talking about the little plastic cup and round rod junk. I posted years ago about this locally available "die set" that attaches to a flat jaw vice-grip. Makes life SOOOO easy.
Since I mention it and maybe there are others out there looking at installing a new top here is the thread: SNAP INSTALLATION TOOL October, 2001
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Charlie--The dual flappings are goose presents. Really, the rear steel deck channel gets sandwiched between these flaps. You should do this operation on a work bench to get the male snap attachments spot-on. Then it is a simple matter of bolting the channel back on the deck. I went through this myself a while back with my new Stayfast hood.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Thanks Everyone !!
Charlie Ballard

This thread was discussed on 24/04/2004

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