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Triumph TR6 - Frame Repair

I am in the process of cleaning up & making a few repairs to frame out of a 71 tr6. I know the rear differential mounts need to be beefed up are their any other areas that need to be addressed while the body is off? The frame appears to be very sound for being 33 years old. Are their any other sites that go into frame refurbishing that I might look at?
Thanks Jeff
jkb jeff

Deja-vu all over again- Yogi Berra

have a look at the archives, this subject is well covered.
Christopher Trace

Hey Guys,
Can anyone tell me where I could find the exact frame dimensions for a TR-6, (the Bentley factory manual?). Mine is kaput and I'd like to build a new one from scratch without using my old one as a template.
I plan on producing them as well, there must be a market.
I see some guys from Canada are here, how's it goin boys?
I'm new here as of 5 minutes ago, so please be gentle.
R Conard

The Bentley manual has exact measurements.
Don K.

Thanks Don
I'll get my honey to buy me one for Christmas
R Conard

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