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Triumph TR6 - Fuel gage and temp gage Dead

Hello everyone,
I took the car out today and as usual I check all my gauges to find both my fuel gauge and temp gauge both needles resting dead on the left. My gas thank is full.
I checked my owners manual for 76 TR6 and on Page 28 they refer to the fuses, and they all check out fine.
Any ideas !

Thank you in advance for yu help and sggestions
L.T. Tawil

Check connection on left fender fuse connection
I lost my gauges while knocking them loose
while detailing one day.
M Macdonald

Both are controlled by the dealy behind the gauge. I would check there first.

Fuel and temp gauge are controlled by the Voltage stabilizer behind the speedo (small rectangular object mounted directly to the speedometer's either the VS itself or there is a wire/ground loose on it or from it.
JT White

I will try all of the above this morning !
Thanks for your feedback, I will let you know as soon as its done.
L.T. Tawil

The VS as said is behind(mounted onto) the spedo. It is AKA a dealy.

Agreed...This IS the culprit. The speedo must be pulled out and is not fun to get your hands back up in there to deal with the electrical connections.

It could just be a dirty connection on the VS or the supply has come off. The VS is direct ground to the speedo.

Have Fun!

Rick Crawford

It's a DEALY.

It was late. There was wine involved. Nuff said

But was it good wine Don?

Rick Crawford

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