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Triumph TR6 - Fuel Tank Dysfunction

Some time back (years now, I guess), I did the fuel tank refurbishment treatment. Cleaned it thoroughly, etched it and applied the polymer to coat the interior and protect from rust and leakage. I then bead blasted the exterior, painted it with POR 15 and set it aside to await reassembly. Recently I checked on it as I do with all the parts I have various places just to check inventory, completeness, etc. What I discovered was that the polymer coating was peeling away from the metal of the inside of the tank. Maybe I did not successfully etch the metal enough or failed to properly rinse the tank, but nonetheless, I have a problem. How do I get all this loose and about to become loose material out of the tank and "fix" the problem...or must I now spring for a new tank??? Comments, as usual, very welcome. Thanks.
Doug Baker


I doubt it is fixable and should be taken completely out. Otherwise you will have engine stalling due to a plugged fuel filter.

Xylene or toluene or acetone will probably dissolve the polymer coating with out damaging the steel. I would probably try acetone first since it is easier to buy off the shelf. Try placing some of the peeled pieces in a dish of one of the solventgs to see if it does dissolve the material. All are vey flammable though. Use in a well ventilated area and away from ignition sources. Pour some in slosh it around and drain. You will probably have to do it a lot.

A torch will burn off the coating but will probably wreck your outside paint job.

Both a lot of work so you may want to evaluate the cost benefit of a new tank.

Good luck.
Michael Petryschuk

Doug-I coated the interior of my tank in 04 using the POR kit and so far haven't had any problems, despite the nagging fears concerning ethanol. Is this the same product that you used? It seems ironic that your tank has never seen gas, yet it is shedding its skin. Thanks for giving me something else to agonize about.
BTP Price

Hey Berry, my friend, you're quite welcome. This gives me the excuse I've needed to purchase that fiber optic camera thingie I've been seeing at COSTCO. Gotta be able to see the nooks & crannies of this thing. The polymer just seems to have separated from the metal as if it never really adhered. Again, I guess I did not leave the etching material in long enough. As I recall, I spent the better part of a day or more working on this doggone thing and now to have to either replace it or clean it and suffer the anticipation that I'm going to dislodge some speck that I missed and it'll clog everything up on the freeway at rush hour!!! Mike, I"ll try the acetone and see what happens. There are other industrial strength solvents I can use too and have an environmentally secure work site to try it out.
Doug Baker

try putting some gravel inside and shake it around.
Kypros Christodoulides

Kypros, that thought occured to me. Walnut hulls too or some other gentle abrasive, but a thorough inspections will be necessary and a re-do on the sealant, I fear.
Doug Baker

When I bought my TR-6 the tank was full of debris to the point that I would have to change the fuel filter every couple of weeks. On top of that it smelled badly of fuel when it was more than half full. I took it out put some gravel inside,cleaned it and epoxied the little holes on the upper part of the tank. It has lasted for another 2 years. Now I smell fuel again and I'll do the same. This is of course a temporary solution. Lining the inside of the tank with something that will not peel and clog the fuel lines is more permanent.
Kypros Christodoulides

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