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Triumph TR6 - Fuel Tank Replacement

Has anyone purchased the fuel tank advertised by BPNW? Were you satisfied? Shawn 74.5

Just was notified that mine is ready to be picked up at the Rad. shop.

So to answer your question. Sorry,no.

Hi Don,

How come you had yours refurbished vs replace with new. I have heard stories about refurbishing that have caused me to look at new. BPNW seems to have a good price. Shawn

$250.00 to get it cleaned ,sealed and a return bung installed.
That's why

Just saw a new tank, fitting hardware, sending unit and felts for $329 at VB (probably the same tank as available elsewhere since there are limited manufacturers of these) after fiddling with my original Midget tank it pays sometimes just to get the new one.
JT White

I just got in the fuel tank repair kit from POR 15. It includes stuff to clean out the gunk and sludge that may be in the bottom of the tank. Two cans of metal prep to clean and etch the metal, a can of sealer and a bottle of gas stabilizer for $138 Can. delivered to my door.

rw loftus

Rob, my only problem with that (and believe me I don't have deep pockets) is the time and effort required to do it right and then if anything is not just so it will leak again..I've done countless Triumph and BSA motorcycle tanks and attempted only a couple of car tanks and for my $ it is simply not worth the frustration to repair an old car tank when the cost of a new one is fairly reasonable (motorcycle tanks run up wards of $500 and the quality control/labor is easy on such a small size and they still can leak!) so old bikes can be worth the try since their limited in availability and cost. I want the item sitting behind me to be structurally sound and to know it is new is simple peace of mind that I wouldn't have if I repaired it myself or let alone the added $$ of labor of someone else doing it for me and the hassle of finding someone who will actually take the time and do it right (thats why I do most if not all my own work)I fiddled with my MG and then tossed it and ordered a new one and had countless trouble free years behind the wheel..YMMV ; )
JT White

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