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Triumph TR6 - gas gauge or sending unit

Hi Everyone,
My gas gauge is not working , it's never worked for as long as I've had my 70 TR-6 ( about a year). I have power going into the gas gauge and I have power going into the sending unit. Is there a way to check the gas gauge to see if it's working, and or the sending unit? Thank you for any help.
spj steve

So what does it read?
Are you getting resistance back to the gauge.
Does the Temp gauge Work.
My guess ,if you hold it up next to the computer is that the float is full of water.
Common theme

the gauge don't move from empty, temp gauge works, I'll pull the sender, that make sense.
spj steve

There is a spiffy float replacement available if needed

Ground out the wire at the sending unit; fuel gauge should rise.
Good luck, mine has been stuck at 1/3 for years! Using a dip stick to check level.
ED Edward Dorsch

Don, how do you get your TR to run on water? Gas and water might be about the same price in your part of the world, but up here there is a significant price differance and I'd like to convert mine if I could.

Tony (chuckle)
A. J. Koschinsky

In Seattle, We use what we have most of!

What kind of fuel are you using? A few years back my brother in law's TR6 had exactly the same problem, so he stopped using Shell gas. Apparently there was an additive that would soak into the cork (assuming that it was a cork float) and it would sink. A tank or so of fuel later it started to work and after a while all was back to normal. The additive had leached out and the float regained its bouyancy.

I didn't believe it at first either ... but it might be worth a try.


Sid Turner

I pulled the sending unit and the float was fine, I'm waiting for my new sending unit be delivered, I'll keep you posted.
spj steve

That sending unit can now be checked with an OHM meter to see if Resistance changesc as the "arm" is moved. Not sure what the R values will be but is important that it does change as arm is moved.


PS did someone mention checking the ground at the sending unit when attached to the tank?????
Rick Crawford

There actually are posted res. #'s for the fuel sender

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