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Triumph TR6 - Glove box stupidity?

Is it just me (I'm not offended if it is) or is the Glove Box access design really stupid on the TR6? It seems that when you "push" the button it's impossible to "drop" the lid in the opposite direction. Very frustrating. Is it me or is there a simple solution to this puzzler.
JT White

Kinda makes you wounder why they did away with the finger pull.
Mine has a little "spring " to it as you push the button making it easier to open.


Rick Crawford

He he he...I have a finger pull. JT what's wrong with you??
Doug Baker

I've seen that finger pull in the break down on VB's catalog. Will the finger pull fit a 74? Gee, all this talk of pulling fingers is making me uncomfortable!
JT White

Finger pull will fit the door. Will it fit your finger?

The "Flying fickle finger of fate" will decide! Thanks ; )
JT White

Welcome to British Leyland Engineering JT

Michael Petryschuk

Oh, I'm no newbie to BL engineering, I'm just stumped that I haven't seen this particular daftness yet.
JT White

That's to make you look really wacked, when the man pulls you over.

Don, your reading my mind! Thats exactly what I was thinking as I was struggling like a two year old to get it open in the garage.
JT White

I have a 1970 model. I purchased the finger pull for the door thinking the same thing. Actually, I thought I was missing this piece when I first saw it in one of the catalogs.
I couldn't get it to fit tho...maybe I was doing something wrong.
I'll have take a look at that again....
Dennis Silance

Dennis, it goes on the outside of the door.;)

well there ya wonder why
Dennis Silance

It looks as though it fits the bottom of the lock mechanism then protrudes through the hole out to the front of the door. I dunno? I'll get one and see for myself. Will the separate finger pull fit the later mechanism? I think they are all the same...but then again I'm the one asking all the Q's.
JT White

JT-I think the plunger on the glove box light switch will push the door open, if properly adjusted. But how do we really know if the light goes out when the door is closed?
Berry Price
BTP Price

Berry, if I "push" in on the button to release the catch then when I release the button for the light switch spring to work it's magic the catch reengages. It's a blatantly stupid system...there I went and said it!
JT White

JT-I remember having the same problem and thought the switch plunger was the answer. Wrong. I just went to the 6pack archieves and refreshed my memory. Here is a response to the problem:
There is a small finger with a rubber bumper on it that
functions as a stop when closing the door. Bend this forward about 1/16"
or so, and it should solve your problem. It should be on the left (?)
just inside the glove box door.
Hope this helps.
BTP Price

BTP, I saw that "finger" and thought thats what it might be for and there is no rubber bumper on mine....hhmmm, could be the key to anti-stupidity!
JT White


The finger pull from Moss - # 633-330 fit the glove box of my '76 but you need to do some very careful fitting. I used a round wood rasp to enlarge the hole in the door just enough to accept the larger diameter of the pull. Fits beautifully and functions as it should.

Bob Evans

Mine had no rubber bumpers either; it's one for the side and another for the top "finger/bracket". I placed two squares of felt for now while looking for the original rubber bumpers. Works fine but if anyone stumbles onto an extra couple let me know. :)
Maybe they could just be fabricated from a piece of rubber lying around but why bother when there's eBay! LOL

RT Infanzon

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