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Triumph TR6 - Harness

I want to replace the harness in my 74 TR6. I'm not qualified to do it myself. Can anybody give me an idea of how expensive it might be for the labour if I supply the harness, and any suggestions as to who might be able to do the work. I am near Toronto.
Thanks Very Much.
Lorne collins
Lorne Collins


I assume you want to replace the front and rear wiring harness.

My estimate would be 5- 8 hours to do both. The big time consumers are the dashboard wiring (removing intruments to access) and the rear wiring harness (since it involves removing carpet and panelling to pull it out).

Most shops will charge 60-80 per hour. JD automotive in north west Toronto would be well qualified to do the job.

While I can't say for sure there may be many BBS users in the area that may take on the job depending upon where and when you want this to happen. Depending upon your interest this would provide you the opportunity to see it being done and help in the process.

I may be able to offer my help. I will send an email to you to explore this.

Mike Petryschuk
Georgetown ON
Michael S. Petryschuk


Hopefully Dan Masters will offer up some advice. He builds harnesses for our TR's. Maybe yours doesn't need full replacement. He also may know someone in your area qualified.


HP Henry Patterson


I had the :-) (?) pleasure of havng to install a harness from scratch when restoring my 76...(I started with a shell of a car). Its actually not too difficult, just takes concentration and the ability to read a simple circuit diagram (as found in Dan Masters Books or website and confirmed by the Bentley manual).
The beauty of his harness (wish it had been around when i did my car 3 years ago, I am now planning on using his harness on my brother booing please) is that is uses modern gauge wire with relays...its basically bullet proof and provides all the circuits you need and one or two extras.

The instructions he provides (you can download from his website (advance autowire) are clear and logical..should be a great learning experience for you

I am in Dundas if you want to discuss some day?

Bob Craske

Contact me if you want. I just completed mine 2 weeks ago. With the help of a buddy who does it full time.

Marcello- Did you use Dan's.I can't remember. What did you use to wrap the wires?

I was making attempts at the time to contact him and he was on holiday. I went with a street rod version.

Marcello,shame on you. Did the street rod come wrapped???

as in a birthday present and a bow? lol.....

no just the harness

why the need?

No,the wires . Where they taped??

taped? wrapped?
no why the need?

Prettier and tidier?

Sorry to disapoint you. I am a driver.

Mines a garage sitter.

From discussion with Dan, the choices are basically two...plastic slit tubing or tape wrap. With tape, there's also 2 choices, a cloth (approaches original) that binds to itself (kinda) and a plastic or polymer that over time will bond to itself. Dan recommends the split tube because with his tinkering, there's always a change or an additional wire to run and with the tube, it's easy; with tape impossible w/o unwrapping and rewrapping the entire section. For your effort though, I'd expect an original cloth tape replicating the original in every detail:)
Doug Baker

Doug- Don't know where you are on your rewire. I have already taped the bonnet section and am waiting for some more wire and a couple of terminal blocks to button up the back,then I can tape the front. I have talked to Dan about the wrapping of the wires and I personally don't like the GM approach tube look. Though, I do admit, it makes adding and subtracting wires easy. Some I have talk to use an aerospace technique of a cloth like sock that expands .Sounds like to much work with all the different size bundles

FYI, I've paid Dan for my harness cause he had a sale going on, but won't take delivery until my tub comes back from the painter. I figure wiring an otherwise empty tub will be easier than at any other time, but your experience and advice are solicited on that!!

You could revert to a older technology if you could find anyone still so skilled. It's what we called "lacing". Used the strands of a string like product to "wrap", after a fashion, all the wiring harneses in a missile or other aerospace application including the early satellites. Lost art now with plastic ties, but in something the age of the Nike Hercules, all the circuits were hardwired, before ICs and lacing was a necessary capability. Your's'd look great with such a setup!!

I think that I'll probably go with the original cloth tape if I can still get some from Rimmer Bros or Revington, but all that will await getting lots of other stuff done these damn u-joints that keep frustrating me!!
Doug Baker

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