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Triumph TR6 - Heater (again)

Does anyone have an inside illustration of the heater motor? I have disassembled mine and 2 springs and 2 black spacers are in question.
Don K.

Don, would you explain again just exactly what a "heater"is for?

John, in sunny South Florida.
JL Bryan

I think I see Don reaching thru' cyberspace to slap John ! haha
Charlie B.

There he goes with that sunny Floridian crap!
Rick Crawford

HE will get his this summer when the temp here is a beutiful 79 and it is a sweltering 95 in Fl. town.

don - check the thread "What I have learned" - they may not have come from your heater at all!!

Black spacers? - are they the mounting bushes?
Springs? - got me there - no idea - sorry.


Roger H

There are 2 Black plastic spacers and 2 heavier duty springs(other than the bush springs) one goes above the bush plate the other goes below.Was kind of hoping that Dan was around but haven't heard from him lately.

I have been in contact with a guy who has a reference page on the web. In it is this section

TR4 thru 6 Heater Upgrade Kit - (squirrel cage fan) - part# 812301X 56.40 at Moss Manchester, 113-117 Stockport Road, Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire, SK3 OJE, Tel 0161 480 6402, Fax 0161 429 0349 or M & G International,Manchester, 0161 773 9678, & M & G International, Merseyside, 0151 6661666. Advertised as a 60% improvement.

In an email he doesn't know the source and suggest asking the triumph boards. Anyone familiar with this upgrade?
Don K.

I'd like to see how a squirrel cage fan fits in and 'upgrades' the OEM fan. It must have some additional hardware to enclose the 'cage' and direct the air flow.

EC Smith

Actually, after thinking about it, a squirrel cage might be more efficient. It would only replace the bladed fan.
I was wondering if any of the Brethren in UK know of this place, or of this upgrade.

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