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Triumph TR6 - Help with valve adjustments

I am about to readjust the valves on my 76 six. I planned to do the static adjustment as described in the Haynes manual. Are there any tricks or potentials problems I should know about? Is .010 inches still the recommended clearance? How do you do the adjustment while the engine is running as described in the manual? Finally, how often is this adjustment necessary? Thanks to anyone who may be able to help out here.
Mark Hauck

I'm not sure what manual you are looking at, as it would be pretty close to impossible to adjust with the engine running. The factory manual starts out "Isolate the battery and remove the spark plugs". I know old Chevys are adjusted while running, but not your TR6. Did you get on the 'Pyramid' for the TR6 CD? It has the factory manual, pg 12.29.48 for the procedure.... .010" is right! Cold. Have fun...

Rod Nichols

Rod- I think you can do it with the car running . It is the kind of listen method. No feeler gauge though. Hey, you going to make to my get together? Haven't heard a response.

Definitely done stone cold - and use the "rule of 13"

To adjust any valve, subtract the number of that valve from 13 and the number left is the valve which needs to be fully depressed - i.e. to adjust #10, then #3 needs to be depressed, to adjust #3, then #10 needs to be depressed, to adjust #6, the #7 is depressed etc. (sounds depressing!!!)

Always check after setting the lock nut - invariably the adjuster turns a fraction as this is done which can tighten things up a few thou. - it's better to be a few thou wider than tighter.


Roger H

Hi Mark,
Put the car in 4th gear and by turning the front wheel you will be able to move it back and forth to open and close the valves you want..sometimes removing the plugs makes it easier. Roger is's better to have them loose than to tight..if you hear the valves ticking slightly when done that's ok.
Charlie B.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned the Click-adjust tool. (Charlie did you get one?).
Advertiser (LBcarC, Detroit) this BBS can have one to you in 2 days.
With this tool adjusting the valves is a .5 HR job and is 100% more accurate than feeler gauges. Isolate the battery, remove the plugs and turn the engine over by the fan blade. In the ARCHIVES go to these threads:
CLICK+ADJUST TOOL.......March 10,2003
GUNSEN TOOLS......May 11,2002
CLIK-ADJUST question....July 9, 2004
Engine cold and NOT running, .010" gap.
One tool IMHO that is a must for all TR6 tool boxes.

"Put the car in 4th gear and by turning the front wheel you will be able to move it back and forth"
Have you added another Charlieism to your 6 that you are about to post to your WEB site?......:)
I know, the car is on the ground... but it sounded like you have something the rest of us do not:)

Rick C
Rick Crawford

Mark--I do my valves as an annual ritual (whether they need it or not) as I don't put more than 5,000 miles or so on the car each year. Doing the valves while running is not easy, but it can be done. You'll have to have a supply of feelers as they'll get beat up pretty good in the process. I recommend the static (cold) approach.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Hi Rick,
Yes I do have to Click Adjust though I must admit I'm not comfortable with it yet...I got P'd off and did it the old way..hahha I'll try it again soon.
Charlie B.

Ditto from me Charlie on your last post!

For sale: One click-adjust in exceptional condition. Nearly used once. No damage from impact with wall or floor. No reasonable offer refused!! (P.S. Freight from the bush approx twice the value of the unit!)

Sorry Rick C - dunno - just couldn't get it right. Mind you I also prefer valve amps, ticking clocks and open fires.
Roger H

Thanks to everyone who responded. I adjusted the valves this evening with the engine off and using a conventional feeler guage. It took about 90 minutes. There were only a few rockers out of adjustment, most of them were overtight, only one was slightly loose. The six started right up when I completed the job and everything sounds fine. Thanks again for the tips.
Mark Hauck

Roger ..your post is funny...hahaha ..thanks for the laugh...I guess I'm not the only one who got frustrated !
Charlie B.

I've thought about getting this "click adjust" gizmo but now I know better...thanks forum. Kudos to you guys who use make use out of them. Roger, I prefer valve amps too (and I guess ticking clocks and open fires, but, only at a distance).
c.a.e. emenhiser

TR6 owners are guitar players? Prefer the British valve amps, too? Vox, Marshall, or Lucas (haha).

BOOGIE. Need I say more?
Rod Nichols

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