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Triumph TR6 - Historic plates?

This question is mostly aimed at the Ontario boys.
I went into the MoT yesterday to renew the vehicle
licence plate sticker for the TR6 and was told by the
clerk that now that the car is 30 yrs old it qualifies
for historic plates. Recreational driving only, which
is how I drive it now. The yearly renewal sticker is $20 vs $74.
Does anyone have experience with these plates?
Any comments are welcome.
Christopher T.

what does Mot consider recreational driving, Mot speak.
also what do the insurers consider as recreational
driving?(I believe this was the subject of an earlier thread)

My TR6 will also be 30 yrs old, I'll take 20 over 74 anyday. MOT always manage to get more from the consumer at every turn. Its a nice surprise!
B.J. Wolfer

be careful

for insurance purposes recreational can be pretty limited in what is covered, ie they might not cover you in the mall parking lot or similar. Since the MOT captures mileage and this can be passed to insurance 50$ worth it?
Bob Craske

On the surface, if you read the restrictions on the historic plate form, it seems quite restrictive;moreso than Silver Wheels. However, it has a "basket clause" or escape route if you like - you can have the vehicle out for a "test drive". That's all I seem to ever do!
Doug M

Doug I am willing to bet that your speedometer/ mileometer has a tendency to play up a little. but I am sure that you let the authorities know when its time for your MOT, To everyone I have a great 1974 Florida TAG for sale Clive
Clive P

Clive, what is on the 74 tag? And how much do you want for it? Derek
DL Harding

Doug M,
Hi Doug,
I presume you are with Lant. I have always been concerned about Lant as his insurance is for our cars that are to be driven only to "sanctioned club events". We have had this discussion before and I know Chris Trace is also with Lant and feels there is no problem going for a Sunday driver. So the loop hole is you are on a test drive after doing a change to say the carbs???....a 100 miles from home?????

Chris, As I understand there is a mileage restriction and only driven for "sanctioned" antique car events.

FYI to all Ontarioites. If you get a hold of an old set of plates that are the year of your 6, and the ownership on those plates is clear, you can legally register them to your car.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hi Rick

Yes I am with Lant and have been for over 10 years with different vehicles. I have talked with them and their main concern is the the vehicle is used as a daily driver or driven to the shopping mall regularly. This increases the chances of damage. You have no problem out for a country drive etc.

The historic plates, on the other hand, are more restrictive, save for the aforementioned "out". The only people who might care about you driving with a historic plate out side the rules are the police - and they don't care. I have never heard of anyone being hassled over the use of an historic plate because as a rule we cause them no problems.

I know many people who still insure through their regular insurance; just use comprehensive over the winter. The rates may be good and you can drive it to work if you like. Just be sure your policy has a 19A endorsement so you receive full appraised value in the event of the unfortunate happening.

Doug M

Derek I have sent you an email but I am not sure it went through. I have just changed from AOL to Adelphia and have not got it sorted yet,my old AOL seems to have a hold on my computer. give me an old set of carburettors against a computer any day! The TAG I have is

4D - 26402

Clive P

This thread was discussed between 07/12/2005 and 11/12/2005

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