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Triumph TR6 - inactivity

What's happening guys, all our cars run perfectly now and we don't need to post any more?
Kypros Christodoulides

That pretty much sums my car up at the moment. Nothing to be done with it but driving, and I can't even do that given the arrival of snow last night. That means I have to get my wrenching jollies vicariously through the efforts of others. Don't disappoint me, guys.

A. J. Koschinsky

Yep - same here. My car has never run better. Of course just posting that may be the kiss-o-death...
Brent B

Yep - running well and looks like I got in one last ride for the season Thursday when it was 21 C (73F)& sunny. So I screewed off work at 1:30 and went for a ride (as well as did a few errands that had been building up) . Looks like I will be winterizing the car today and putting it to hibernate until April.

Michael Petryschuk

I LOVE NE FLA!!!!!! Super clear, sunny and 65 degrees today...hello winter! Hello TR-6 driving weather for the next 5 months! (kindly disregard this message if you live north of the mason/dixon line)
JT White

sunny and 72 here to bad it is in storage

I took it out my self on Saturday after a couple of weeks and it performed perfectly when it got wormed up, but I have to investigate some banging noise that comes from underneath when I go over a bump. Anyway money is in very short supply at the moment as I'm saving like crazy to buy a 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV (105 series) that I saw the other day and will come up for sale.It's a barn find that is incredibly original and absolutely rust free. It has 50000miles on the click and it looks like a brand new car. It even smells new inside.
Kypros Christodoulides


Sounds great and Good luck with that Kypros and maybe we will forgive your traiterous ways.
Michael Petryschuk

Come on Michael, the 6 is the top priority.
Kypros Christodoulides

Hello guys, really there is no comparison between the 6 and the alfa. The sound of the 6 cyl. is second to none music to the ears. The Alfa is a meagre 4 cyl.with sound that really embarrasses me in comparison. Adjust the valves on the 6 and you are done in half an hour. Try it on the Alfa and it's a days work with the cams out and provided you have the shims. Try to adjust the points and you are in for a professional massage afterwards. You have to bend in a position impossible. (I guess that's the reason old Alfas misfire all the time (mine included).
The Alfa is not as fast as the 6 and it does not get the same attention. I have to admit though that it handles better on corners.
I looked at the DOHC and thought, boy this will have some poke. Little did I know. My TR-6 runs circles around the Alfa.
I think I'll sell it on and buy another 6.
Kypros Christodoulides

This thread was discussed between 23/10/2012 and 05/11/2012

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