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Triumph TR6 - Insurance

I am thinking about switching insurance companies, but the company that I am switching to doesn't offer comprehensive & collision insurance on cars this old, just liability insurance (maybe this is a US thing?). I am wondering what level everybody else insures their cars at?

Do you have separate "classic car" insurance from your every day cars?

While I haven't had an accident in decades, I would be doubley bummed if something happened to my TR and then would have to fork out my own money to replace it.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Ignatius Rigor

Hi Ignatius,

have seen commercials in the States for Hagerty Insurance for classic cars. Have you checked them out?

Up here many of us use Silver Wheels which specializes in classic car insurance. Price is very reasonable, but they have a few restrictions as to where you can and cannot drive your car. They however do cover the complete replacement cost of the vehicle provided it has been appraised by an reputable company. Dont know if they are North American wide though.

Ken Jackson

Do check into Haggarty. I now have my 73 TR6 insured with them. Collision, comprehensive and liability less than I previously paid Allstate for liability and comprehensive. Also there is an emergency breakdown number, where they will send out help if required.
T Cofer

I also have Haggarty. You can't beat them for price and coverage for classics. There are other companies getting into the classics insurance buisness but I believe Haggarty has been around the longest. The reason they are cheap is because of the low risk of classics. People don't drive them much at all compared to everyday cars...statisticly. And people take better care of and are more cautious with their classics.

HP Henry Patterson

I have Haggarty.
Car insured cannot be your primary vehicle. Insure value is a agree value, which is good. Plate can be historic or regular, same rate--cheap. best price around. also no set limited milage a year, very flexible.

Paddy Kan

Hm? Sounds like Hagerty is the way to go! I found them on the web at



Ignatius Rigor

I use J.C Taylor in Upper Darby, PA. They're great, and it's very easy to renew year after year. Cheap too.
MB Mike


Is there a mileage limitation with JC Taylor? I am shopping a bit, and don't want to get limited how much to drive the car. Anybody got advice on Grundy?

Rod Nichols

I got a much lower quote online from Hagerty, US$129/year compared to $534/year from my normal insurance. Part of this may be that I was not able to bump up the coverage to match my normal insurance, but this still seems too good to be good. Has anybody actually filed a claim with them? I am wondering how good their service is.

Ignatius Rigor

Hagerty turned me down because I had a recent ticket (in the TR6 75 in a 55, and I still think I was railroaded by the cop) So I wonder if they would excuse you as a policyholder with one claim? May be a bit of sour grapes here, but that was the only ticket on my record. I think I'm at about $450 a yr with Safeco, & a local agency recommended JC Taylor, but I believe they have a mileage limitation, according to the info on their website. I have driven about 5000 miles a year the last three years, probably won't exceed that, but who knows???? A freak gust of wind came up the same day I got the ticket, blew a 30 X 54 eighth inch thick aluminum sheet into the right rear fender of the TR6 (parked in the garage), I thought homeowner's would cover it, but the agent said the damage was to the car, and that's that! $50 deductible and a $467 total bill from the body shop. This was all on Mother's day. Happy Freakin' Mother's Day. Oh, yeah, I got the ticket going to take flowers to my mother and she wasn't even home! Other than that, it was a great day for a drive!
(still eating grapes)

Rod Nichols

Ignatius-I have been with American Collectors Ins. ( for many years without a problem. I have had one claim (hit a deer)and it was paid without question. Like most collector's insurance, if you have a squeaky clean driving record and can live with the restrictions, it is a fantastic deal. The annual premium for a stated value of 12.5K and 300K liability is only $110 with no deductible. Unfortunately, it won't work if the car is used for transportation or more than 2500 miles per year and it must be stored in a locked garage.
Berry Price
BTP Price

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