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Triumph TR6 - Little Known Parts Sources

I was just interested to know if anyone has any parts suppliers for their TR6 that tend to be less expensive, with similar quality and service, than all of the usual sources. The usual sources would include:

Victoria British
The Roadster Factory

I've dealt with several of these sources along with British Parts Northwest and can't fault them at all. Are there others that should be included in the equation when comparison shopping, though?

Has anyone dealt with overseas suppliers and been able to beat North American suppliers pricing including shipping?

I've done numerous web searches and have found other websites claiming to sell TR6 parts but their sites are poor and really don't contain any meaningful stock lists or prices. I don't have the time to call them all and determine if they sell a full line of parts or if their pricing is competitive.

Again, the suppliers I've listed seem to be very good. I'm just wondering if there are some smaller or not as well adverised ones out there that all of us need to know about?


I actually buy most of my parts from a couple local autoshops here in Seattle (Autosport, and British Automotive). They have both original equipment (e.g. Lucas) and aftermarket parts, and are usually cheaper than Moss. If they do not have it on the shelf, they can usually get the parts for me by the next day. I am dying to know who their sources are, but it is also nice to talk to a live auto mechanic.

I can not imagine that Seattle is luckier than other cities in this respect. I would suggest making a few phone calls around your neighborhood.

Ignatius-Autosport gets parts from Moss, BPNW and where they get the best price for the quality for what they need.
Scott- I have bought alot of parts over seas. If the pound/dollar is favorable it can be a good deal. But, the one big drawback, returning things is a real pain and sometime not worth the bother. especially if you add in the customs handling.
Don K.

Get Hemmings motor news from your local bookshop, look under T - many sources.
Peter G

Don and Peter,

Would you kindly list (web addresses, etc.) some of these sources - particularly those you've done business with? I've looked on the Rimmer Brothers site. There's also another British site that requires one to download a viewer and price list. Unfortunately, this site lists the parts by number and then doesn't give one a drawing as a reference to determine where the part goes or actually is.

Thanks, Scott

Why bother going across the pond when you have the same part sold in NA. Don K said it clearly on the return issue. All u have to do is go to the advertiser on this BBS. I have delt with him many times and have had others this BBS thank me for this reference. He is easy to deal with, will accept returns, buys from MOSS (the biggest), less expensive than MOSS, he will ship anywhere in the US or Canada and he is a friendly I need to say more.
Rick Crawford

Last fall there was a parts supplier discussion on a board based out of San Diego CA. While that board covers many models, it is very Spitfire oriented. BPNW was favorably reported, have done business with them myself on wife's Spitfire and limited stuff for my TR6, I could recommend them without reservation. The big hit on Moss was the lack of coverage for round tail Spits. Rimmer was taken to task by a couple of people. Locally, I use Atlanata Improted Auto Parts, the place where everyone is entitled to Lamar's opinion. Get him on a rant and it can be most entertaining. If you wish to check out the discussion on Totally Triumph Network go to:

A long list of UK suppliers for TRs is under 'suppliers' at:
Peter Cobbold

Thanks Peter, saved alot of work for me
Don K.

Thanks for all of the responses thus far. I've checked out a few of the sites and there are some promising leads.

Several interesting parts prices I saw right off the bat were:

Cambridge Motorsports - Girling brake master cylinders for 38.18 pounds. This would translate into roughly $57.00 in U.S. dollars. Most sources stateside are in the $150.00 range.

CTM Engineering - Plexiglas gearbox cover for 30.30 pounds and the handbrake tunnel for 7.5 pounds or both for around $58.00 U.S. dollars. Shipping might be prohibitive on these, though.

Again, thanks for your sources as we (and the vendors) profit from this knowledge. I would ask everyone to keep this thread going and alert others of sites or parts deals which could save us all money.


Check out and you will not be disappointed. I have ordered from them with no problem. They converted my TR6 tach to electronic and it is rock steady. I have bought from Rimmer with no problem but Revington offer the unusual and interesting for TR6. For normal I always try TRF first because they have been so supportive of TR6 and deserve our business.
Dick Porter

Dick- How much did that cost?
Don K.

This is a parts supplier who is good for some parts you can't find elsewhere as they get them made specially:

Andy James

Hey, Rick C. mentioned LBC in a round about way, this past weekend I had chance to experience Jeff's expertise 1st hand. I had bought a tr6 windblocker from him, and prior to install I had lost the directions. Not wanting to foul it up I e-mailed him for a new set, I received an automated response within seconds telling me he was at the TRF meet with his travelling circus. Within 2 hours I had a personal response from Jeff and within 8 hours he had emailed me a new set all while he was at TRF. Pretty amazing as far as I can tell if Jeff has what I need and the price is close he gets my business. Great follow-up for an internet based company.
Keith 72TR6
KBD Dixon

What u have said is the standard for Jeff. The guy is a world traveler. He is at most car meets ( North US)and brings some interesting things back with him from England. He is the one I picked up the carb Mix adjusting tool for $5.00!! As a note to all here..if you are going to order the carb sync tool from him make sure u specify the CARB SYNC MODEL A1 (from MOSS)unit not the GUNSON plastic piece of u know what.
He works out of his basement ( can sell for less..lower overhead )but man u should see his basement...not much room for a TV and a couch!
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Meant to ask you. Let us know what you think of the windblocker.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

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