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Triumph TR6 - looking for original wheels

I just lost an EBAY auction on 4 wheels that didn't need too much refinishing. They went for $215 + shipping. I am kicking myself now. Any tips out there on how/where I can get these? My 1970 has some after market wheels with the wrong "offset" and I have to use spacers up front! Thanks

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Dan Pitzer

Good day Dan,

Actually, if you accept the cookie then you won't have to 'log in' any longer. The board will just let you right in. I'm assuming you're on a Windoze box of course.

The wheels are an issue it appears. I just checked the catalogs I have and no one even lists them as available except TRF and they don't list a price in their price list so I guess that means NLS.

Keep an eye on Ebay I guess.

Jim Deatsch

Dan, When I bought my 72 I needed 1 wheel, I found 5 from a source in Georgia. It was off of ebay, he had changed over to wires 5 wheels and black center caps for about $300 shipped. Keep looking sometimes you can find on or one of the other club sites.


here's a set on ebay...

6 hours left as I post this.

Jim Deatsch

Dan unless you are in a big hurry you can have mine for free when I finish my car and convert to Panasports. I hope the change will be sometime next year.
Richard Porter

How about a wrecking yard in Columbia South Carolina with hundreds of English cars? Or a fella in Goldsboro North Carolina with 14 TR-6's, breaking for parts? Try for the wrecking yard. He is friendly, knows his Britt cars, and has everything. He told me that he even gets car club members that come down and walk around with video recorders. I'll share the individual in Goldsboro only if you specifically ask.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Thanks for all the replies. I smiled at the offer of free wheels. I also looked at the ones that were recommended on ebay but they were in need of blasting and refinishing. I am really just looking for some "okay" condition wheels to match my "okay" looking driver. I do want them to have a bit of shine left. It certainly is no rush since the wheels I have do what they are supposed to. Htey just don't look right.

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