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Triumph TR6 - Looking for a Body shop in Toronto

Hi fellow 6ers,

I am starting the search for a body shop in the west end of Toronto to do some extensive body work and paint job on my 75 TR6.
Can you point me in a direction to someone who is not going to rape me.
This is not a show car but a good driver.
Al Findlay

Hi Al!
I have heard good things from 2 sources regarding Carr's in Mississauga.
Don't have contact info but Fred at British Auto Sport can help you, one of his cars was painted there.
Contact me off list if you do not have his number, Simon.
Simon Rasmussen

Hi Guys!

Fred once passed a card to me with a recommendation, it's Kerr's Auto Body in Mississauga. 3364 Mavis Rd. Unit 5 (South of Burnhamthorpe)

I haven't been there but it does come with Fred's approval. Best of luck.
Mati Holland

It sounds like Kerrs and Carrs are the same thing. Coming from Fred, I would trust them.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

You may want to also contact Peter at Howes Motors in Burlington, they specialize in restorations and have some very experience (nice way to say old?) folks there that do hand crafted as well as parted work.

Bob Craske

I will be taking my TR6 1974 to Atomic Autobody which does solid work. I know the owner very well and I have seen his work and I will let him touch my car! Send me an e-mail if you need the info...

Jeff and Al
I would be curious to find out from you both first how much it will cost and what you will have done to your 6. I presume you both will be a "body on" paint job. Will they be doing door jams, the door edges, boot rain gutter etc? There is another TR owner on this BBS who is considering painting also...have been yaking of-line.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I am also looking for somewhere do do a body on re-spray. Only loking for a freshen up oxidized paint in the same colour. Curious as to how much this would cost? any one have guidance? would not need engine compartment, door edges, boot rain gutter etc.
Austin T. Brown

For the brave souls: there's a DIY shop on Greenwood in the East end with a paint shop. Any colour you like! Mix and match! Purple and Brown!

If Bryn is out there, can you provide a phone number or address or name for the DIY shop on Greenwood please.


Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

300 Greenwood. Do-it-Yourself Garage 416 465 3901


Thanks Bryn
I'll see if I am brave enough.
Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

Any recommendation for engine and drive train work in the west end?


Ask Fred at BAS. He knows them all.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Regarding your request for engine and drive train work call Joe at JD Automotive. Located on the southeast corner in the rear at Martingrove and Rexdale Blvd....He stands by what he repairs.....
Al Findlay

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