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Triumph TR6 - Merry Christmas!

To all:
Merry Christmas, I hope you all find a stack of TR parts under the TRee! .........(and a Happy New Year!)

Rod Nichols

Merry Christmas to you Rod and to all.
Parts arrived not the best but that's for the new years discusion.

Bill Brayford

Merry Xmas to you all from across the pond
R. Algie

As soon as I've opened the gifts and had a cup o'tea (and the wife lets me) I'm off to put my rear end (the car's) back together !
We have had rain the last couple of days but got a light snowfall last night to make a white Christmas !
Merry Christmas to one and all
Charlie Ballard

Merry, merry to you all and yours.

Keep it up there Charlie, just light rain here. <G>

Hey Bill, what'd you get that's not up to snuff?

One of these days I'd like to see a thread about vendors. I know it's a sensitive subject but I still maintain that we owe it to one another to keep everyone informed.

I've had a number of dealings with Jeff and the crew at Little British Car Company and have ALWAYS had good experiences.

Jim Deatsch

Finally got to inspect my new wiring harness and dash pad. Looks like I've really got a winter project cut out for me. I only wish the wires had been labled to make connections a little less puzzling. See you in April!

Merry Christmas
Mati Holland

I got Kas Kastners newest book as a stocking stuffer. I can tell that one of my New Years resolutions will be to gather up more money to spend on my sickness (my TR6). Merry Christmas to all!!
Gene Holtzclaw

Yes, but how often is being sick so much fun.Hope nobody ate Goose for Xmas.
Peter G
Peter Gooch

No Goose just a stuffed turkey here.

No problems with Jeff LBC.Co Jim great job highest recomendation. He supplies them from Moss made by British Heritage? So says the stickers. From what I see.

Bought the floorpans inner and outer sills. Sills look great and are well defined. Floors are crude stamps at best. Size seems OK but the outer flanges will require a lot more after work than I would even expect from standard lowbuck off shore stuff. Stamp definition in that area is crucial to strength on a roadster.

Not bad on $10/20/$40 buck Cross Canada Taiwan part being a ways off. Kind of hurts at $650 Canadian for the works. But managable.

Jason my local Cross Canada autobody supplier had quite a chuckle and took some photo's. Something about guys bitching about lousy low buck parts fit he supplies?

For the novice I have quite a bit of experience and the tools to deal with this. Do not order Moss pans without seeing them first!!!

We also noticed comparing the primer to a lowbuck Taiwan they were exact. May just get that tested if Cross Canada can't find out why they don't have those low buck parts available? Do you suppose England and Taiwan may both have the same primer supplier?

Do believe someone further up the feeding chain has thrown the Cox and Buckles to me?

As mentioned above just a turkey. That old Goose trusts nobody takes a good look first.
Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 25/12/2003 and 26/12/2003

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