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Triumph TR6 - Merry to All

Merry Christmas BBS'ers, to you and yourns.

Ha Don
Merry Christmas to you Don and the same to all the guys on this BBS. All the best for the new year. May you all put many miles on your TR.

Rick Crawford

Don, Rick, and all others - Hope you had a great Christmas as well.
Brent B

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thanks to all who have made this BBS such a valuable source of British Car Knowledge.

May I wish for all- peace on earth, trouble free TR6 driving and cooperative weather.

Best of wishes from the Petryschuk Family to all for 2011. Good health and good driving.

Michael Petryschuk

And to Don, Rick, Rod, Brent, Michael and all the rest, Best Wishes for a wonderful holiday and the coming 2011.

First white Christmas in Huntsville in several years. Got about 3 1/2 inches of the stuff over the last two days beginning late on Christmas Eve from the winter storm sweeping across the Nation. Nice time to settle in, have a wee dram, a hot bowl of home made soup and watch the little feathered critters dispose of all the seed in the feeders.

Just ordered carb overhaul kits. Gonna need a lot of advice as I take this adventure to a new level. Anyone who's done this task, I surely will appreciate do's and don't's as I delve into the innards of the Zenith Stromberg 175CD-2SE.
Doug Baker

Merry Christmas to you!

Rod Nichols

Get that MG stuff out of here ;)


My little town I live in set a record for the most amount of snow in our area. We have had more snow fall this winter than we have had in any past winter for the entire winter and it all fell before the actual start of winter. In Toronto, which is 2 hours south, they had no snow at all.
Rick Crawford

Hey Rick,
Yep, it's surely been weird this year. As we drove north into Tennessee to visit family on Christmas Day, I had some difficulty getting off the mountain even in my Land Rover and the roads out of town were iffy. About 40 miles north on I-65, we ran out of snow completely for about 6-8 miles, then were back into it again for the next 40-50 miles. Really strange. I guess it was what one might call scattered snow showers!! Raliegh NC had the first White Christmas EVER since records have been kept. Likewise Atlanta Georgia and Chattanooga Tennessee had the first White Christmas in decades. The East coast is in real trouble. Glad that I don't have to travel there until after the holidays. 13F when I awoke this morning; 34F now!!
Doug Baker

Merry Christmas To All:

Warm here in Newfoundland for a change - +7C/46F for the last few days and no snow yet. We will pay for that reprieve later! Anyway, hope all you folks worldwide are doing well and not experiencing any weather bombs that cause you problems. Warmest holiday wishes to you and yours and your TR's and may 2011 see you all here on the Forum, healthy, happy and driving our favorite British roadsters.

Bob in Nfld.

Bob Evans

Hey Rick.....have you heard anything from or about Bill Brayford? Just wondered how he's getting along.
Have a Happy New Year!

Rod Nichols

I sent him an e-mail.
Another BBSer I have not heard from for a while is Don Elliott. Sent him an e-mail also.

Happy new year to you and the rest of the BBSers.

Here is something to get you guys "reved up" for the coming driving season.

Yesterday was with my buddies at one of the local watering holes, and we where talking about our cars and this year. For the past 7 years we have gone down to the Toronto Indy for 5 days where a couple of kegs(yes kegs) where consumed.
Well the boat we have stayed on is going up north and will not be back so we have come up with a new plan this year. We are planning a car tour for about 5-6 days. 2 MGs, a GT6, and my far.
If you look on a map, Thornbury Ontario is located on the Bruce Peninsula between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. Well at the top of the Peninsula at "the tub" (Tobermory) is a ferry across to Manitoulin Island then a bridge back to the main land. We have a few places already that we know we will stay at overnight. We will be off the road well before happy hour. We will head down the East shore of Georgian bay then back up This will be fun and we are all looking forward to it. I might do some daily posting as we do the long as I can get WiFi.
We also talked about what we need to do to get ready for the big trip. I plan on a 100% fluid change.

Hey Ken S. Gotta arrange a meet when we are going by.

Rick Crawford

We may be up for that trip Rick. Are the better half involved?

What days are you planning (same as Toronto Indy? I believe July 10 or so?)

We went up to Tobermory and back in 2008 in the 6 on the weekend of July 1. That was the trip the tranny wore out. A whole story is in the archives. The year from hell as far as my TR6 went. This time I expect there to be no problems. (fingers crossed)

Michael Petryschuk

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!

Rick sent a mail asking about my health. Happy to report I've been clear of the big C since May 2005 all surgical brain tumor and lung. I spent most of a year with that so I have had to concentrate on making a living rather than playing with my toys! Still have my shop and projects just haven't had much time. Plus you get a little gun shy about Sandblasting and mig welding after you have a run in with lung cancer. Hey Rod I will send you an e-mail

Bill Brayford

What was Don Elliott doing here. HE has a 3
He is still going strong after some health issues a couple of years ago and is hoping to ship his car to UK for the big TR anniversary

Well....if I did 750 miles a day for 3 days, I'd be there. But...since I still have house payments, etc.....and not enough vacation time, I prolly better not. :(

However, it was good to think about it for a couple of minutes.

Why don't you guys come further west next time?

And Happy New Year!

Rod Nichols

Looks like Bill and I are back to e-mailing off line. Good to hear Bill is well. Also got an e-mail back from Don Elliott. He is feeling "SUPER !". Did 3000 again this summer in TRUSTY. Yes he plans to take his TR3A back to England and travel the continent for 3 months. That is too bad to hear Don.

Mike, you are more than welcome to come along. I need more support from the Triumph side. Will probably be doing the tour from July 7 and back to work July 13. Contact me off line.

And Rod, I have been out there.

Rick Crawford

Rick C... just re-read this thread and see your plan for a GB tour. I'll keep an eye on your posts this winter to follow the planning. Meeting up on the east side of the bay sounds good to me. Heck, if the kids or grand-kids have not committed us to something as yet unknown maybe we could tag along on the tour. I'll make some notes on the calendar as I continue to crawl out of my NY's fog.

Ken Shaddock

Rick, I volunteered my services to Don as a co-driver but I think he has something else in mind ;)

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