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Triumph TR6 - Mig or Spot weld which is better?

Hi Folks

I have the opportunity to buy a new spot welder. The question that I have what is the best welder Mig or spot?

I am replacing the floors,sills and bulkhead panels, and repairing the lower rear valance.

lw gilholme

Les, personally I would go with the Mig, much more versatile. I bought my Mig welder to work on the Triumph but now I find I use it atleast once a month for other repairs.
Christopher Trace

A second vote for the MIG from me as well basically for the same reasons Chris mentioned.

Peter Thomas

Les A third vote on the MIG, Make sure you buy a good quality one as It will become a tool that you can't be without, For what you want you need about a 90AMP but try to afford a 135 Lincoln or Miller you wont regret it, Also spend a weekend with old pieces of metal on the workbench to get the hang of how it feels and play around with Wire speed and amperage, It may come with instructions but not with experience, this you earn with frustration and the occasional burn, as with most other things a good weld is mainly in Preparation,correct set up of welder and a certain amount of practice. Good luck
C Parker

Les-Another vote for the mig because of its versitility. I have a small mig welder for sheet metal and it can be used to duplicate spot welds (plug welds)as well as running a bead. However, I also have 220 amp stick welder for heavier stuff. The stick welder can use a large variety of electrodes for different situations.
Berry Price
BTP Price


A drawback with spot welding is that water is free to pass between spots and make nice bubbles under body filler and nice rust...


J. G. Catford

Ok chaps MIG it is.

lw gilholme

Good for you 'Les' now go and buy a book on welding and Practice,Practice,Practice you will be welding new to old at every angle so dont assume that welding two flat plates on the workbench will give the same results when working upsidedown on the sill,every angle you weld from presents its own problems, Good luck Clive
C Parker

You are all missing a very good point, There is a big difference and application between the 2. They are not for the same purpose.

Mig is more of a all purpose, stronger and involves welding skill, and is usually mobile. It will need gas (even though they do have the coated wire that is gas-less now)

Spot, is usually a set up for manufacturing applications, for a specific area and a specific temp and a specific squeeze. Not the strongest weld, but most of the car bodies we all drive on a day to day basis are spot welded together. It comes in different electrical strengths, and that will also determine you limits of weld. Not a home or shop practical set up, more or a factory assembly line.

I hope this helps.

This thread was discussed between 02/11/2006 and 04/11/2006

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