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Triumph TR6 - Monster wheels

For all you looking for the ultimate wheel package , at the ABFM in Vancouver B.C. There was a tire and wheelsales guy pushing Yokahoma tires. He had a 6 with 245-40-18 shod all around it. I got a picof the wheel and tire if any one is interested. I didn't get any info, too radical for me!
Don K.

Hi Don,
Yes, I would like to see that picture! I was thinking about plus sizing though I probably wont go that extreme, I am curious.

Hi don would like a pic as well. I'll send it on to a fella that has a few extra cylinders under the hood and might need some big sneakers to match.

Bill Brayford


Could you please forward me the picture as well,
Thanks in advance,
E. Creyghton

Thanks anyway Bill but I'm very happy with 215/65/15
I can't see how he got all that wheel in there without
rubbing the wheel well.
Christopher Trace

Sorry for the delay boys, Kid activities keep me hopping. I talked to him about them and asked if there was a less "extreme" size like a 16 or 17. He said there seemed to be a clearence problem with those step sizes. How it is any difference I didn't ask. There did seem to be some kind of a spacer on close inspection of his set up. Will try to get the pics out ASAP
Don K.


This thread was discussed between 21/05/2003 and 23/05/2003

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