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Triumph TR6 - More than a car

As I was returning from walking my dog, I looked to see my car sitting under a tree and was flabbergasted by the lines and angles of it. This is more than a car, it is a work of art. Has anybody else felt this way. My understanding is that Bertone designed the TR4 then Karmann did some minor(?) changes for the TR6. Anyway, whoever we have to thank: SALUDE.

Sounds like you're in love. Kinda like the rest of us...
Brent B

I know what you mean.

We were taking my car out of the storage garage to have it taken for an engine rebuild. The top was down, it was winter dark blue '69 was sitting in the back lane surrounded by a blanket of freshly fallen snow....the juxtapostion of the bright white snow with the dark lines of the roadster made it look awesome.

F Rosmanitz


Feel that way everytime I open up the garage door & see the TR6 sitting there waiting to go. the TR4 was designed by Michelotti and it was given to Karmann in Germany for the facelift that became the TR6 in '69. They did do a beautiful job didn't they?

'76 White TR6
Bob Evans

I have a TR4 that I drive every day when I don't have to haul something or I think I'm gonna get stuck in the snow if I take it out. The shape kinda reminds me of the Nike "swoosh" when seen from the rear quarter. Head on, it's a bit like a lowrider Jeep. Everyday, it draws stares from all ages. Preteens call it "Stewart Little's car". The fins are a testament to a '56 Chevy or something. By '61, when it was made, Chevys had gone from bigger/sharper fins back to boxy already. The car makes me smile, and proud to be the one to get in and drive, another thrill altogether. From 0 to fear in 20 seconds or so.

Sorry to take up space in the 6 forum with this, I don't have one of those yet. Or a Mini, or a Lotus 7, or an MGA/T/GT, or a Bugeye, or a Healy 3000, blabla...

I love 'em all, but life is short and I'll probably never have a chance at all of 'em. Unless I get off of this bloody computer, LOL. Thanks for your patience.

I have been to a few car shows...and I think my 6 gets more attention than the NA metal beside me...or is it just me thinking that.....NA!
Tom, TR3..TR4..TR6.. (I will stop there:) ...they all have sex appeal. Brent, you got that right!
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is over-the-edge in love with the lines of the TR6.

I purchased my '73 twelve years ago and when I weigh time-on-the-road vs. down time and money spent - well it just doesn't measure up.

But that doesn't begin to tell the whole story. I can't count the number of times when, in frustration over this or that, I've considered selling my beloved TR. But every time I open the garage door I stop dead in my tracks and just stare. And stare. And stare. Ah... those lines. Top up or top down. Those lines...

And when it's running well, and looking good (like it is now), I just can't get enough. "Here 'hon, let me take that garbage out for you" or "SSSHH - I think I hear a mouse in the garage - I better go check it out" or ...

Before I discovered the TRs, I was shopping for a MGB. Then a fellow, who I never met before, was nice enough to take me for a spin in his Healey. I loved it, but couldn't begin to afford it and started looking at the TR6 instead. Am I ever glad. What a beautiful car.

Gotta' go. I think I hear a mouse.

Fred Lepper

Haha I see I'm not the only one who will go out to the garage sit in a lawn chair sipping a cup of tea or another favorite beverage and just look at the car !
Charlie Ballard


I'm in the middle of a full restoration and have fallen into one of those funks where it seems like it will NEVER be finished. Thanks for the much needed inspiration to get back on track!

Jim Vandenberg

I'm glad I'm not the only one that is drawn to the garage like that. I am in the middle of putting trusses on my garage that I'm building just to store my 6; I can't see paying big bucks to store it during the winter. My wife doesn't buy my story that we needed a big shed (garage) to store everything. I will miss going out in the garage to see my frozen car. Soon I will be snowblowing a path to the garage just to check on her.

Mark Wright


Boy have I been there!!! Wondering how could I have been so stupid; what was I thinking. This will never end, I just keep spending money (although that really doesn't end}, and this is all I ever do.
But then things start coming together and when you take that beautiful car out for a cruise all the bad is forgotten. So don't give up like so many who end up selling a body and boxes of parts. You will have years of fun ahead for the sacrifices you're making now.

Dreading the Long Winter,
Doug Campbell

Joel-Thanks for starting a great thread. I see a pattern here-certain British marques and models produce infatuation that borders on obsession. In one of Peter Egan's "Sideglances" article, he describes how he spent almost entire night looking at an E type jag just aquired. I wonder how many modern cars/Suvs afflict their owners in the same way.
In my case, the TR6 was an aquired taste. While shopping for a TR4 in 1969, I saw the newly introduced TR6 in the dealers showroom. My first impression was disappointment bordering on disgust. The body lines just didn't look right for a traditional British sports car, plus the engine output was almost the same as the TR4A. It took the passage of several years to appreciate the body style, the smoothness of the 6 cyl. engine and the comfort (compared to the TR4A)of the seats. My mental list of body styles that are "timeless" would include TR6, Austin Healeys, MGA (especially coupes) and of course E type Jags.
If you will excuse me now, it is time for a worship service in the garage.
Berry Price
BTP Price

" So don't give up like so many who end up selling a body and boxes of parts."
That is how I acquired MY MSTRS. He gave up on the restore and went out and bought one done for him. MAN did he miss out on some fun.
Jim V; mine took 3 years and I could not have said it better than Doug. Just make sure you take lots of .jpgs and keep the prints in the car AT ALL TIMES!

Went for a spin today...10*C top down but on way home had to put the top up...darn rain. OH well ... Insurance is off as of next Tuesday. I WILL GET ANOTHER RUN IN..I know I will ..I know I will...

Some of you guys are lucky this winter, just sitting in the garage with a coffee looking at her. I will be under my mistress working on her doing her bearings..wait a second..under her... I will have more fun!
Rick C

PS The Young Lady clocked 58000 miles today.
Rick Crawford

Karmann was responsible for everything from the center
of the front wheel arch forward and the same from the center of the rear wheel arch backward.
If you look at a TR4 and aTR6 side by side you will
see the center of each car is identical.
I love the TR4's style and would do anything to own
one as well as my TR6
When ever I park it as I'm walking away to the store
or whatever I always look over my shoulder to have another look. Those clean lines always blow me away.
I know that is the most beautiful car in the lot. It also helps that I park as far away from the store as
possible so the car is isolated, it lowers the odds
of a Starbucks sipping, cellphone yaking Minivan Mom
parking to close to my baby and scracthing the paint
with her door.
Our other car, a Subaru Impreza is covered with these
parking lot war wounds and no I never look over my shoulder at it. In fact I waste a good deal of time
wandering around in parking lots just trying find or remember where I parked my clone car.
Last spring, just after its first wax job of the year I drove into town to show her off and pick up some milk. I had just parked and a young guy 15 or 16 came up as I was getting out."Wow, that's beautiful, what
kinda car is it?" "It's a 74Triumph TR6" "Who makes it"
"Triumph" Blank stare. "They went out of business
years ago" "And it's a 1974!?" "Yup" "It's so...
so modern." (the ultimate compliment from the young)
"Would you you like to sit behind the wheel"
"Yeah, like I'm already there!"
I was in no rush so we chatted for a few minutes about
Hondas and racing. It was kinda cool.
Christopher Trace

We can all be thankful that Michelotti was too busy to do the work and that it was handed to Karmann.

If the Michelotti prototype TR6 had made it to production, I would probably be now driving an MGB!!!

Check it out!!
Roger H

Thanks Roger. I'd never seen that one before. Now I'm curious what they hung on the back of the TR4 body. I do prefer the TR6 to this.

I am right with you on this one! My "dilemma" is that I have spent 3 years restoring a Tartan Red 68 B, that sits beside my newly painted Mimosa Yellow 70 TR6. When I turn the lights on the colors jump out at you! I am getting ready to store the B, and I find myself looking at both of them and comparing. But Its like comparing your kids! Each beautiful and unique in its their own way. The B has gorgeous smooth lines and runs like a top (good kid) the 70 TR6 with sharp rakish lines and an engine that roars (problem child) Oh well ain't British Leyland love grand! By the way I have a California 57MGA in storage just waiting to be restored and add to my dilemma! Yes I have the fever, actually dementia if my lovely patient wife is consulted
Bill Kinney

I stopped at the corner in the Beaches in TO last weekend as a young boy and his mother were about to cross the street. "MOM! LOOK!" yelled the lad to his very attractive, 20-something mother. All heads turned to check out the TR and my great big smile. Cool car. Nothing like it.

I don't think it would look good with the flip up lights on but it does look pretty slipery.
I'd love to see the rest of the design.
Anyone know where we could go to find more images of the magizine?
Christopher Trace


I think this link may have some more of the pics you want, but there appears to be a substantial difference between the magazine cover photo and the link photos, not the least of which is the targa (or surrey) type top. The Michelotti prototype for the TR6 was known as the "Bullet".

There was also a Michelotti designed replacement for the Stag which apparently had only one ever built and IMHO is a pity it never made it to production. Known as the TR5 Ginevra, it has a beautiful raking tail which could easily have been the rear end for the '6'. It is a car which I could have easily saved my pennies for!

Check it out here:
Roger H

Sorry - the first link is a bit general - try this one

Roger H

Thanks! Great pics. You are right they very different.
The car on the front of the classic cars magizine is
obviously a Michelotti base car (TR4-TR6) with a sharp
Bricklen type nose, the car they call the Bullet has
no resemblance to our cars, small and fragile looking.
They must have had a few ideas on the table.
Christopher Trace


Minus 2 deg Cel & I just got back from the garage. The TR6 looks good just sitting there with me staring at it with beverage in hand! As far as the TR4A goes, I had one for 12 years & was sold on its looks. Believe me, having owned and loved them both I can say with certainty, the TR6 is prettier all 'round, hands down. What a car; it's a fantasy come true!

'76 TR6
Bob Evans

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