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Triumph TR6 - My loose Rear Hub

Presently manufacturing a rear hub puller for my 6, as the one side is in need of attention. Bearing end float is big, tire movement is more than normal.Has anyone else rebuilt their own hubs? I realize I can get rebuilt ones, but it is the challenge of rebuilding that I like.
B.J. Wolfer


I gotta admire a man who takes up a challenge! I would have thought just owning a TR6 was enough...... ;-)

Please keep us posted with a running commentary on this one as it is probably one of the most difficult repairs for the home mechanic to do. Many have tried and failed. (There ya go - the bait's on!!!)

Good luck..

Roger H

Mr. Wolfer,
I have rebuilt one and attempted two others. I ended up getting a hub from a rebuilder here in North Carolina. I have manufactured a jig to hold the hub upright in a vise and wrenches to dissasemble and set the bearing preload (end float). I will be more than happy to send these to you gratis as i never plan on doing the job again. I also have on my computor at work the plans for a hub puller that looks like it would work, but I never made one. I'll forward those to you the first of the week. Good luck. If you fail, I know where you can get a really weel done rebuilt unit.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Joe (Toronto) rebuilt my hubs last fall. He said it took 4 hours and 7 tonnes to press them apart. I'd go with the rebuilt ones available on line. It was an expensive operation.

B.J. - In younger days I acquired a TR-6 that had been sitting awhile for my daily ride. I noticed one of the rear wheels seemed real woobly, and being on a very low budget, just tightened up the large adjusting nut at the back. It cured the wobbly wheel (I made sure the hub still turned smoothly) and lasted until I finally got a good half-shaft out of a junkyard, another 10K or so miles. In hindsight, not the smartest thing to do, but TRs are tough cars.

JB Fetner

BJ-I have rebuilt 3 hubs so far without any problems and will probably do another one in the near future. I haven't had any problems but am getting a little paranoid after hearing horror stories of axles breaking. For peace of mind, I would have them magnafluxed when there are disassembled. The bearing float can be adjusted to remove the excess play while you are building the hub puller.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Search the archives and you will find that while you might be successful in disassembling the hub, chances are you will not. This area is too vital for half measures. I exchanged mine for rebuilts from Team Triumph in Warren, Ohio.
Andy Blackley

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