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Triumph TR6 - Need a measurement please!

With regards to previous thread on overdrive failing, I tried to check the trans fluid, but the previous owner had fit a fibreglass trans tunnel in the car and I can't get at the plug from the drivers foot well. Can someone please tell me how far back from the firewall and how how up from the floorpan the centre of the plug is located? I plan to drill a hole trough the fibreglass so that I can get at the plug from the drivers side, as I dont have a hoist to get under the car.
Anyone have any wiser suggestions before I start drilling?
Thanks much
74 1/2 cf30967uo

Austin Brown

Hi Austin,
I've posted some pix of what I did along with some measurements.
Hope it helps....

Charlie Ballard

Charlie - you're a champ!!
Roger H

Indeed - a real champ!
Thanks Charlie - very helpful - I'll be doing your modification tonight.
Austin Brown

Thanks Guys,
If you look closely at the drain nut on the transmission you'll see I had a 3/4" nut welded sure is easier to work with it now...I plan on doing the same to the diff drain plug.
Charlie Ballard

Better still, has anyone found a NPT "Allen head" plug?

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I went to Carquest and picked up a brass plug with a square head that a standard socket will fit. Take the old plug with you and they will match it up.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

oops had a look at the brass plug and it is a 6 point head...same plug thread for oil pan.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

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