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Triumph TR6 - Need help with a 71 intake manifold

My water hose adapters on the intake manifold on my 71 TR-6 definitely needed replacing. They’re corroded and rusted. I finally got them removed from the manifold…BUT…the threads came out with them on each side!@! The factory did not use antiseize compound and the steel really established a lasting relationship with the aluminum. I checked TRF's website yesterday and discovered that the part number is not listed at TRF although both earlier and later manifolds are. The machine shop's cost to repair mine is going to be expensive to weld an aluminum plug in and retap for the correct size and threads. A helicoil won’t work because it’s a water pipe thread and I’m told that helicoils are not available in that thread. What are my alternatives? Of course, I can go ahead and have it repaired, pay the price and move on. Anyone have a early intake manifold that needs a good home?? Thanks.
Doug Baker

Could you "simply" slide a copper pipe through the entire width of the manifold and just clamp the hoses back on each end?
Rick Orthen

Rick, won't work. The guts of the manifold are somewhat convoluted not permitting a straight through of anything beyond about a 1/4" OD. The cavity is much larger and the H2O jacket has much greater volume than you would achieve with a straight through pipe.
Doug Baker


Can you find a casting # on the manifold?
I MAY be of some assistance.


Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Doug - if suitable, I have a '73 manifold you can have for nix .... but the shipping could well kill it - I think about $4000 via pony express!!

Roger H

Hey Doug.

You might be the only one, or one of a few, that is working on their car this winter. Not much going on now on this BB. After working on mine for over 2 years I now have it put away for the winter and not giving it much thought.

I still need to keep my TR brain active so keep working and keep asking.

I know there are a few people out there doing some major work like Tom C. in Connecticut. If you're listening Tom please give us an update.

I may be able to give some advice. After all I did manage to do a good job of replacing my rocker panels and was able to maintain my sanity...barely. I also sanded my car down to bare metal through 7 layers of paint. Spent weeks lining up panels to improve panel gaps. Rebuilt the engine as well.

Hope to hear more.

Good luck

HP Henry Patterson

Perhaps you could find an oversize adapter and just re-thread the manifold to a larger size?

I'd bet helicoil does have one in your size - I don't know - but I'd be suprised if they didn't. check here:

good luck!

Tim Brand

Hello Doug et al. , take the manifold into your local senior high or college metalwork shop.... they could TIG it up and tap it in exchange for keeping the tap(they likely don't have the right tap on hand but you could get one through KBC Tools or the like). I am a shop teacher and know the horse trade nature that is prevalent there. BTW, I am working albeit slowly on my fully disassembled TR over the winter... wiring loom at present.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to every one in TR6 land,
Rob Gibbs

I like the "take it to the shop class" idea. If you have the correct BSPT fittings already or are just insisting on originality there and will be using BSPT fittings, get the tap and let them keep it for their trouble. If on the other hand, you don't already have the fittings and it will be weld repaired and tapped anyway, I would just go for regular good ol' 'mericun pipe threaded fittings. The diameter and taper are the same between the two, it's just a matter of one thread per inch difference. By making futre work in this area use readily avaialable parts, this approach will ensure that you or your grandchildren's grandchildren will never have to touch them again.

Besides, not even the most anal retentive concours judge that I know is going to bother to do a thread count on those things.

Thanks to all for their comments and input. I discovered today that the replacement parts are not available, so Steve, your solution has merit. The best solution, though may have turned out to be a very generous fellow TR-6'er...Rod Nichols from Boise Idaho who is parting out a TR-6. He's already supplied me with an inner wing and wheel well and now it appears that he has a manifold that may work (Thanks Rod). If not, Steve and Rob, y'all's solutions may offer the best options.
Doug Baker

I have an early TR6 intake manifold I was going to put up on ebay next month. I don't know what their worth.

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