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Triumph TR6 - New Discovery

It looks as though the lower center bolt that mounts the water pump housing goes in threads that continue into the water jacket. Not how I would have designed it... What's everybody putting on the threads so the green wet stuff doesn't ooz out?

DWS Smith

Racers Blue
Don Kelly

Mine sealed up without anything but I use a spray on gasket glue on the gasket when I put the water pump housing to the block. Not sure if that did the sealing or not. If it was leaking I would probably use a little silicon gasketing material around the bolt hole opening.

I am not familiar with Don's Racer blue but it may be silicon gasket material.
Michael Petryschuk

Realistically the gasket and bolt should be all you need, anything extra would be overkill and would more then take care of it. Figure when they were putting these together they mostly used a little grease to hold the gasket in place, now a days everyone thinks they have to use the latest "goo" on the market.
JT White

He wasn't talking gaskets there boys. He was asking about that lower bolt
Don Kelly

Just torque the bolt to specifications...14 ft lbs, if I recall correctly and you should be ok.
Doug Baker

Anyone have any Idea what this part is for? I came across it the other day and can't remember what it's for.

DWS Smith


It looks like a bracket that would hold a pipe(gas line?) in place. Did not put one back on my TR during the restoration.

PS quite the variety of fastening devices on your timing chain cover:)
Rick Crawford

Never seen a part like that before. Suspect it is an aftermarket design to hold gas line as Rick surmises.

To clarify my comments on the water pump bolt- As I mentioned just torquing mine with the gasket sealed fine but I do use a tacky spray on gasket glue to hold the gasket in place just for ease of installation. This may help with sealing at that bolt hole but I doubt it. If mine was leaking at that bolt- I would use a silicon gasket material around the bolt hole to help seal.
Michael Petryschuk


It seems to fit perfectly on the opening where the thermostat mounts to the pump housing. Is this where you remember it being on your motor?
As far as the timing chain cover mounts go...Believe it or not, this is the factory configuration that consisted of nuts on studs, bolts and even screw heads. I studied this one for a while (pictures and the Bentley manual) as it's the most poorly engineered set up I have seen in a while. I think British Leyland had a bunch of different hardware they needed to use up. I see most guys going with all new hardware of the same type on alot of rebuilds...
DWS Smith

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