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Triumph TR6 - New TR6 owner

I have purchased my first truimph!
The previous owner went by the name of Marcello Vena some of you might know him!
I have big plans for the car and hope that some of you could educate, and direct me along the way.
I have been around american and europian cars most my life specially VW, I'm very mechanical/electrical incline and I can mig/tig weld. Hopefully I can be helpfull to you too!
I have some issues with the car and do not know if it is a problem or truimph trade mark!
compression test all cyclinders are between 85-95 psi
and it burns oil abit (could be O rings on the valve stems?)or time for a rebuilt? There is a slight smell of gas on the dip stick (carbs could be flooding?)

Anyways hope to be friends with you all in the near future
A very happy Rob

RS Santo

welcome to the very entertaining world of TR6's!

The people here know pretty much everything about your car. Listen to them!

JL Bryan

Hey Rob,
Welcome from me as well.
Enjoy your stay here.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

Marcello sold his 6. Dump him!!

I am still on folks,....Careful before anyone trashes
Rob Santo is a swell guy and he will make the TR6 better then I could (time). Please treat him well.

I would like to extend a "see ya later" (since I don't believe in good bye's) Rick, Charlie, Bryan, Chris, Doug, Don, Les, Henry, Bob, I know I forgot a few. My numbers and emails are always there for you anytime. I will on occasion check the site for interest (who knows I might purchase another in the future)
If there is anything any of you ever need don't be shy.

Charlie, if you could, maybe leave my picture in the members but just change names.

Right now I am part of another car forum
I have been working on this car for some time and, it looks like I can touch the finish line by late fall. I went Brit car body with USA muscle. 1966 AC Shelby Cobra

I will be happy to send anyone pics if they desire.
Cheers all God Bless and happy motoring.

So you can go to British Car Day then. There where about 6 cobras at the show and one was a kit car. A very nice car.

Rob, it sounds like your compression is low. Should be closer to 130s across the row. How is the oil pressure at speed and warm engine. Also pressure at idle. What colour is the smoke comming out the tail pipe as you go up the gears?
We can direct you in the right direction for engine rebuild parts suppliers. If the engine has not been touched and you have about 50,000 on it then most likely time for rebuild especially the thrust washers.

Oh ya, did you try squirting in a little oil into each cylinder then take a compression reeding? Will tell if bad rings.

Where you at British Car Day this past weekend?

Keep us informed
Rick '71
Rick Crawford

Welcome Rob,

Congrat's on your new TR. You have a good one from Marcello.

Marcello, when you check in here please post some progress pictures of your Cobra. Good luck.

HP Henry Patterson

Welcome Rob,
We are all happy to offer our thoughts...don't be shy..Marcello....take care I'm sure we'll all stay in touch

Charlie B.

Welcome Rob

YOu won't regret your purchase. If you are in the Georgetown area, don't hesitate to ask for assistance. I have a 68 Spitfire and 69 TR6 both of which I was the primary mechanic/ body person. Have a few extra parts as well. (I don't think the extra parts are a sign of forgetting to put a few back in :-)

Enjoy your Cobra Marcello. Keep in touch.

Mike Petryschuk
69 TR6
Michael Petryschuk

Thanks folks.
I will keep in touch and good to know that Cobra's are considered Half Breeds at show, so I will show up.


one more pic


Marcello, Is it real??

Rob: will get all the info you need here. Anybody close to Rob have a CD2 to give him? CD2 is the workshop manual + tech tips & lots more, created by Rick & Doug. Good luck with your new TR6. Marcello - very nice car!

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

I always laugh when people ask if its real. 150 of 1966 Cobras ever made, and the last one went at $5 Million at Barret
Jackson ( )
.....Nope it isn't real!! 99.9999% of the ones you see out there are replicas. Yes Rick including all that were at the Brit car show. It is no longer a question if it's real but what replica builder is the best. Carol Shelby signs off on one kit builder "Superformance"

Mine is not a kit, it is manufactured. There is a difference, mine didn't come to my door step in a box with instructions. I am yet to ever see a real one with my eyes in person.

Thanks Bob,
My buddy Rob has CD1 and CD2 when he acquired the car he also received that and a whole bunch more. I also tuned him on to this forum saying it was way better then any manual he would ever need.

Thanks folks I'll keep in touch.


A lovely fair-weather machine - let's hope you never need a roof!!

I found the cockpit smaller than the TR and the door handles missing!

The TR may be gone, but not forgotten....and Rob.....welcome to Ward 6.

Happy motoring.
Roger H


Not only have I seen the real thing, I have sat in the driver's seat, worked the gears & pedals and never left the garage! A guy here from the States back in the early '70's had a original Carroll Shelby AC Cobra that won the "Road Race of the Americas", or something to that effect. It had a hand formed aluminum body and when I saw it, was stripped to bare aluminum and had the 427CI side oiler engine. There is no confusing the stripped aluminum with fiberglass, that's for sure. Awesome car! Wish I knew where it went from here. He also had a Shelby Cobra 428 CI Mustang fastback and a Healey 3000 that was actually painted with flocked velvet in purple & gray. No shortage of bucks with this guy. No crap guys, it actually had the look and feel of crushed velvet. He used to race it on the circuits here and did very well in his class. Well, so much for nostalgia. A replica is still pretty cool even if it isn't worth half a million. A couple of guys here have well over $100,000 into replicas; one with the 427 side oiler. Personally, I'd rather have a TR6 as it only burns fuel at a measly 18 mpg.

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

I like the sound of my TR6 but GD! a cobra looks and sounds very nice!

Like Carol needed the 5 MIL.

Hey Mike, never new you had a spit! Missed a good day at BCD.
Rick Crawford

I saw one burn on the Tri oval at Pocono back in the late 70's. I believe that was a big Shelby.

Not only did I get to see one, but two...!@! and recently a third real one!! Actually got to sit in both and drive one of them. A neigbor had both a 427 AND a 289 which was his daily driver. That was in early 1969. His 289 was ailing when I raced my 250 against him up the mountain. I won that one, but thereafter he was always insisting on bringing out the 427 and really showing me a what a cobra'd do. I never took the bait. He was a rather excentric 24 y/o PhD in exoatmospheric physics working at NASA on the APPOLLO Program. I went off for a short sojourn to SE Asia and never saw him again. I'd really like to know whatever became of those cars. A thing of beauty to behold.
Doug Baker

Don,...Doug and BOB..!!!!!

Wow....nothing else to say but wow.
Never would have known that I sort of knew people that touched the real deal. Please understand how lucky you 3 are. They are part of auto history.

I hope you all are being honest..... lol

Kind of reminds me about the early 70's when the Rolling Stones did a surprise small pub appearance here in Toronto (now they do it often), the club was called the El' Mocambo, only sat about 100 tops. But everyone and their grandmother till this day claims they were at that rare concert.

Hi Marcello

You wil have to update your log in photo - it still shows the yellow TR6!

Good luck and enjoy.

75 TR6
BJ Quartermaine

I don't have photos to show you, only memories of a hell of a lot of power and I wanted to find the brakes!!
Doug Baker

I tried,..I think Charlie might be able to help me.

I believe you. My Cobra friends describe the car in a interesting way.."a very angry car"

Here is a link to a web page of a buddy who owns one, he describes it much better. A very good read.

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From the Warped Mind of Nomad (Be Afraid, be Very Afraid

Thank you all for a warm welcome!!!
Please go easy on Marcello, I think he shed a tear or two when I drove off with his car. I promised him conjugal visits with the car!!!

Hey Rick I did not pour oil into the carbs before compression test, but the dark oily smoke that I leave behind every time I take off is a sign of O-rings or otherwise valve seals. Oil pressure rises at first start than drops to 2 after runnig around awhile. I see a engine rebuilt this winter or at least a head rebuilt for sure. Who is the supplier in the Kitchener,Cambridge area? Maybe on line suppliers are better?

Unfortunately I was not at the show had to work, but next year will not be missed!!
RS Santo


The thing with the valve stem seals is that it doesn't have any, therefore, what ain't there sort of leaks. You can fix that on your rebuild with bronze guides from Goodparts that are machined for seals, although there is mixed feeling in this forum on the sturdiness of the bronze guides. Goodparts also supplies the teflon-coated seals. I bought the whole works, including the competition valve springs for my rebuild, which has been ongoing since last Winter/Spring and is awaiting the completion of my new garage for the final assembly and installation over the Winter. Good luck with the rebuild and search the Archives for all the tips you'll need.

Marcello: two things; first, yes I really did see one of the original, real deal Shelby 427 AC Cobra's up close and sat in it. Its authenticity was verified by some very knowledgeable local car guys and the owner was a serious car guy with plenty of bucks. Andy (the owner) was not crazy enough to let anybody drive it but he did let me sit in it and dream a little. I was about 20 at the time. Second; I can only truthfully claim I was left out in the cold outside El Mocambo with thousands of others after word got out that the Stones were actually playing inside - nobody was leaving - wonder why. I had been going there fairly often back then but chose that particular night NOT to go. Go figure!! Anyway, in '74 after picking tobacco and working in a can factory all summer in Simcoe, I did get to see Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at Varsity Stadium in Toronto - good concert!! There were a lot of dudes sitting on the roof of Rochdale College watching the concert and I suspect they were smoking something 'cause most of them were sitting on the edge with their legs hangin' over!

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

Your buddy's description brought back long ago memories!!
Doug Baker

Im am truly going to miss this forum and all of you.
Bob, excellent trip you just took us on. I can actualy hear the music as I was reading...The 70's were great.

I did my crank and main bearings 3yrs ago and it made a difference in pressure but so far I don't burn oil

I gather you are in my area..I'd be happy to meet up with you and offer what I've learned about our Tr's over a cold beverage

My email is

I left the @ out for the spammers

Charlie B.

Lots of suppliers in the area. British Auto Sport ( Fred McKechern) is south of you and has every part for a TR6 in stock. Sounds like you live near Charlie. Most of the Ontario connection on this BBS has met and have had some drives together.
Rob, I think you meant to say "oil in the cylinders" not "oil into the carbs".
It does sound like rings and bearings. It sounds like a total engine rebuild. Might I suggest doing a total rebuild not just the top end. For sure you are into rings and bearings for smoke and low oil pressure. I have mentioned a good Ontario supplier. I strongly suggest you look south of the border also. British Parts North West ( WEB site with prices). with the dollar at par, you probably will get a better deal at BPNW than any CDN supplier. Also go for the tri-metal lower end bearings and you should replace the oil pump. I rebuilt my engine 2 winters ago and now my oil pressure is way up there cold or hot.
Good luck on the rebuild and ask away if you got questions.
Rick '71
Rick Crawford

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