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Triumph TR6 - no spark

I have been working on many little things on car and have not had a chance to start. Ran great when I put car in its current place and now I need to move to its winter storage. It wont' start so I start my investigation. Has gas and it's getting gas. Then start to look for spark. none no spark coming from top of coil, check points a little corosion? so I clean Still no spark Coil is almost new put now thinking I may have left key on as battery was dead. How can I check to see if coil is dead. any other ideas would be great Dave
dgf Finch

Dave do you have depending on car with or without resistor wire ignition voltage of 6 to 12 volts on the positive side of the coil. If you have a way of doing it test for 12 volts on positive when cranking? Make sure your little distributer negative wires ok and has continuity? That puppy causes problems.

Were you working on the steering column or wiring?

Key on usualy won't harm coil from my experience?
Let us know will try to help. Hey on this channel you have the guy that wrote the book literaly!
Bill Brayford

dgf--If you have the Pertronix electronic points in the distributor, they will fail if you leave the ignition on. If that's your situation, suggest swapping in mechanical points, condenser.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

ok thanks for the help so far no I am finishinfg the install of new carpet and re-installing interior parts. Car has stock distributor with points and condensor. I was wondering why the brand new battery might have gone dead . Fully recharged now Can I check for 12 volts by placing multimeter between wire and distributor Don't have wiring diagram in front of me now but where does that wire come from Thanks Dave
dgf Finch


First of all, if everything is hooked up properly you can simply make and break the points with a screwdriver and you should get spark out of the coil.

You should be able to get 12 (or 6) volts on the side of the coil that does NOT go to the distributor. The side of the coil that goes to the distributor is the side that get "made and broken" by the points.

Hope this helps and makes sense.

Jim Deatsch

Dave don't know your car year

Go to Dan Masters page for the wiring diagrams towards the bottom. Find yours and print plus the back page with connector info.

Check for 12 volts to the block ignition on.
Check continuity of neg or dist. wire past the connections. Your looking for a bad connection. So if the wire connects to the post check at the post see?

To check for a drain with ignition off remove your positive cable and put your multimeter to the 10 amp connection and setting ? Most have that, put the meter between the post and the cable if there is a current flow from drain of some sort will show.

Never used pertronics so follow the rest of posts on that.
Bill Brayford

Thanks for the help Fixed the problem by testing continuity around points. Found some moisture problems, car was sitting for 4-5 weeks without running, sprayed area with wd-40 and blew clean with air compressor opened points spark came out of coil, replaced cap and started car. then new problems new thread dave
dgf Finch

This thread was discussed between 07/11/2003 and 10/11/2003

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