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Triumph TR6 - Novus plastic cleaner

Hi guys
does any one know where in the Ontario area i can get
the Novus #2 fine scratch remover or #3 heavy scratch remover, i have the # 1 which is basicly used to shine and offer a bit antifog protection.
Thanks Malcolm
M Macdonald

Just a additional coment ,iused this on the windows
of the soft top.
M Macdonald

Just a comment. I think it's less expensive and less work intensive to just replace the clear vinyl windows. I've tried the polishing thing a few times and if I get any satisfaction at all, it never lasts long enough to make it worthwhile.


You can order it online:

Don from Jersey

Thanks Tom and Don
the windows were installed new 20 years ago
and despite being stored in my basement all
this time they are clear as new,it's a couple
of scuffs i would like to remove ,and i was hopeing
someone may have had sucess with the #2 or #3 products
M Macdonald


I've used #2 on lucite. I don't think you'll need to worry, but intense use of Novus can result in a wavy surface. Although noticable in Lucite framing, I doubt your detect it in your rear window. #3 would be too abrasive.
Don from Jersey

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