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Triumph TR6 - O/D decision

I sold my Triumph Bonneville of 15 years to get my TR-6 and as I knew I would I really miss my bike. My TR-6 came with a rebuilt trans and new "J" type O/D separate from car....the car is an original comm# O/D car and the trans was rebuilt by "vinco" here in Jax some 9 years ago and never used/installed. The o/d trans is original to the car but the 4 speed in the car works fine. My dilemma is that I don't think I need the O/D since all my Tr-6 driving is non-interstate, light to light or old country roads and I know I can fetch a good price for the o/d trans which would fund a big chunk of another British bike. I'm going to replace the carpet soon which would be a good time to make the switch but I hate to fix what isn't broken and not really needed. In the long haul it's an original o/d car and would fetch more in the future as such......decisions, decisions.
JT White

Do you want any advice JT? I agree it is a tough decision particularly if you are trying to keep the car original. The original OD will add value to the car if you plan to sell it at some point. Good luck with the decision.
Michael Petryschuk

Yeah, I guess I am seeking advice...I mean does the O/D really make the car that much more of a driving experiance?
JT White

If you spend alot of time on the interstates - yeah. If most driving time is at 45 to 50 mph, probably not. That's why I haven't gone OD or 5 speed - probably 95% of my driving is on roads below 55 mph.
Brent B

It's a no brainer JT.


I take it you have never driven one with it?


2 points

!: The car was originally with O/D so it should be put back in.

2: There is a BIG difference without O/D.

I sometimes flip the O/D off at speed just to see what it would be like without one. I shake my head and turn it back on.

Rick Crawford

I use my OD for highway driving. For back road cruises- not usually. For the highway , it it is a real benefit. Takes 5000 rpm off the engine speed and is that much quieter and faster. Unless you really need the cash for a new bike, I would re install the OD and keep it original.
Michael Petryschuk

So the engine is going in reverse? JK - perhaps 500 rpm lower.
Brent B

5000 lower and mine would shut off!
JT White

Yeah too many zeros. make it 500 .
Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 11/03/2011 and 13/03/2011

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