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Triumph TR6 - Odometer

Odometer hit 60000 and "STOPPED" trip or reg won't budge while driving (trip will reset but then still won't move) speedo needle is moving with a little
"shudder" at speed...any thoughts.

Still can't stay "logged in" here like in the past...any ideas on that too...customize doesn't have a stay logged in button nor does the sign in page.
JT White

JT-If you are lucky, the pawl that turns the number reels has fallen out place. If you are not so lucky, the small phenolic resin gear that drives the pawl has shed a tooth or 2. That usual happens at big number events (600000). R&Ring the speedo is a good exercise in dexterity and patience. Once the speedo is removed it is pretty easy to disassemble enough to find the cause of the problem. AFIK the gears aren't available.
BTP Price

JT... agree with Berry. A friend agreed to look at mine after I removed it (had the same symptoms but not at a five digit rollover) and when he disassembled the unit he showed me the relative simplicity and the obvious fix. I kinda recall that the alignment of the gizmo that trips the odo to the next mile after 9/10ths of a mile was off. A push nut and some stickum got it working again albeit not calibrated correctly. You can do your own me thinks.

Ken Shaddock

JT, on CD I or II, disremember which, maybe on both, we put a listing of TR friendly web sites. Just counted and I have 92 such sites in my "Favorites" list. One is...: Just remove your speedo and send to Nisonger and they'll repair and return (for a small fee of course). That list was to offer the best selection of "help" on the web. Use it. Now don't ya'll come asking for a list, cause I don't have the "list" independant of the web browser. Check your Triumph CD.
Doug Baker

Wouldn't use Nisonger any more. They sold that company and the new owners last I heard were not quite up to snuff.

Quite a few others.
I would check you cable first. If it broke it would do similar too.

Thanks Don. I'm obviously not up to date.
Doug Baker

You just don't spend every waking moment on a forum.
You have a life!

As for your login problem..
When you log in copy the URL ( at the top of the page ) etc etc and create a shortcut on your desktop with it and name it whatever you TR6 BBS then that will get you in all the time
Charlie B.

I hear these guys are good but expensive.
Ken Shaddock

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