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Triumph TR6 - Only 2 tools needed

Hey guys
From what I learned today we can empty our toolboxes. Apparently only 2 tools are necessary; WD40 & duct tape.
If it doesn't move and is supposed to, use WD40.
If it moves and isn't supposed to, use duct tape.

Just trying to be helpful!!
Doug Campbell

Nah Doug thats your Ford manual.

TRs you need all of above and Di-lectric grease.

Bill Brayford

a Jaguar needs only 2 tools:

A live in mechanic

A wallet stuffed with money

Judy tells me that a woman needs but three tools.

A cordless screwdriver

A cordless drill

A black lace bra

I have no comment.

Jim Deatsch

I like Judy already...
Brent B

A woman's toolkit consists of only 2 tools:

Shoe (hammer)

knife (screw driver)

This thread was discussed between 29/08/2003 and 30/08/2003

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