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Triumph TR6 - Ontario Insurance with 19A Endorsement

Can any of the numerous Ontario owners on this board suggest an insurance company offering an OPCF 19A Agreed Value of Essessment Endorsement? I know Lant and some other specialty vintage insurance policies offer 19A coverage but I don't like the restrictions on vehicle use that come with those policies as I do sometimes drive my car to work and the mall etc. My broker has not been very helpful in finding me a company offering 19A so if anyone can suggest where to look I'd much appreciate it.

M Burtt

I don't know what language this is

OPCF 19A Agreed Value of Essessment Endorsement...??

Sorry that should be Agreed Value of Assessment. In most Ontario insurance policies there is an OPFC 19 Limit of Amount Endorsement which states that in the event of a loss the insurance company will pay the lesser of the actual cash value of the car or the appraised value, whichever is less. So even if the insurance company accepts your appraisal of the car's value and you pay your rates based on that value, they have the discretion to play a lesser amount if they can show the actual cash value is less.
With an OPFC 19A endorsement, the insurance company guarantees to pay the appraised value.
Most companies only offer the OPCF 19 coverage and I am trying to find any companies that offer the 19A coverage.

M Burtt

M Burtt,
Most of us try to focus on the enjoyment of the car and not wrecking it. Don't get so caught up in the liability of the ownership. At the end of the day every insurance company will try and screw you, so just drive it and be safe. I went with Lant my self via Silver Wheels. The value of my car doesn't matter to me I was never into to it for a return.

I am with silver wheels and I was with AXA Insurance a few years ago. I had the 19A endorsement with them.

Lant is a great insurance company to deal with and they are very lenient in how you use your car.
You don't have to be going to or from a car show, you can just be going for a drive. Maybe you had the day off work but thought you stop by to show the guys your car?, $130.00 per year sure beats a $1000.00
Christopher T.

The problem I have with these insurance schemes is that it is written that I can't use my sportscar for going on vacation. Well - I have to say that as a retired old fart, that every drive I do, I'm on vacation. Like the time I drove a total of 7220 miles to Portland Oregon for VTR in 2000 during a 3-week "vacation" trip. And in 2001, when I drove 5225 miles round trip to VTR in Colorado, I was on a 2-week "vacation". How lenient would they be in these cases ?

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Sorry but I have to agree with Mr. Elliott. I think if you read the fine print it says...can not be driven to non sactioned club events.
I dare you to ask Tony Lant to put in writing " YA YA go ahead and drive your 6 to the grocery store and we will cover it for total loss" ( at the 19A value).
There is an old saying.."words are cheap".Martin, I do not think there is any insurance companies offering "19A" endorsments. My car is insured at its "appraised value" should there be a loss.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks for the input everyone. Rick and Don, I too am concerned about the restrictions that the specialist companies such as Lant place on their policies. I drive my car at every opportunity in our short summer and that includes Saturday morning drives to get groceries at the mall. And I agree that they may state they are lenient but when it comes time to make a claim I wouldn't trust them to be lenient at all.

My broker did eventually manage to find one company offering the 19A coverage (Economical Insurance Group) however they were about $600/year higher than my existing coverage so I have stuck with my current insurer.

M Burtt


I have to agree with the guys. I have Silver Wheels with all the usual restrictions so I don't drive it to work - "I drive over to work to show the guys my car" and it's my business if I decide to drive it 1000 miles for service while on vacation. It's not like you're going to get a ticket if you get "caught". You only have to worry if you wreck it so drive carefully and enjoy it. Probably no amount of insurance settlement could offset the grief at trashing a TR6 anyway.


Mr. Craske - note my new handle:)
Bob Evans

This thread was discussed between 29/08/2005 and 10/09/2005

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