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Triumph TR6 - Paint Color Question

Does anyone know know what color black to use on the rear valance.
Was it a flat, matte, a or a gloss black?

Thank you
Dennis Silance


I went through this when I repainted mine. All info I could find was that it was matte black in production. I used a satin black and it looks great.

HP Henry Patterson

Thanx Henry
We painted it today and that was the color we mixed. Looks great!
Dennis Silance

Gee Dennis, It took me 3 months to decide that question and you did it less than a day.:-)
J Salbego

All most forgot. I when with gloss black, two stage paint.
J Salbego

Had to make it quick... going to paint doors, hood, trunk lid, tomorrow and need the car out of the bay.
got the recipe from the paint guy and my buddy (who actually pulls the trigger on the gun)had the right ingredients in his shop. Then covered with two coats of flexed-n- flat clear and I think it looks pretty sharp. will roll it outside tomorrow to see how she looks in the daylight.

Boy, paint can be expensive...3 quarts of Deltron DBC basecoat clearcoat, close to $100 bucks a quart. Throw in reducer, hardner, primer and clear I'm $600 bucks lighter real quick.
ahh, it's only money.....
Dennis Silance

If you think paint is high, wait till you have to buy gas! Hurry and get it done before prices double again. :(
Rod Nichols

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