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Triumph TR6 - paint overspray removal

jack hinerman

Three years ago, I bought a kit from Eastwood where there is a kind of "face-grinder" made of what looks like pumice. You chuck in your hand drill or polisher and with the compound that comes with it, you "polish" the windshield to remove all the surface "crystals" and other blemishes. I never used it, but if it'll do that and leave a window you can still see through, it should remove ovespray. Contact them. The page is below. Click here : . . .

Most auto stores have "clay" that is used to take off overspray from paintwork. That might work.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A

Don Elliott

I guess I don't understand here.

If it's on glass why not just wipe it off with lacquer thinner? Course don't get it on the REAL paint.

I have used one of those deals Don. It worked dandy on very light scratches. I buy that sort of stuff from Caswell Plating here near me in Neu Yawk state. They have all the stuff that Eastwood has and prices and support seem to be better.

and yes, I do have an interest. They are one of the sponsors of my website. <G>

Jim Deatsch

Razor blades autobody type and windex to keep the glass lubed thats what I use.
Bill Brayford

Jim, is your website TR or car related?
JL Bryan

lacquer thinner doesn't cut acrylic enamel. I vote for the razor blades and glass cleaner.
w Holtzclaw

JL, TR related.

W, it doesn't? I must be using the cheap acrylic enamel then. <G>

Jim (NOT a painter, NOT a painter)
Jim Deatsch

This thread was discussed between 11/10/2003 and 13/10/2003

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