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Triumph TR6 - Pertronix

I'm going to do it. Enough is enough and I'll give it a try. Negative ground, 22D distributor and what else do I need to know. How about the Petronix part number. They appear on eBay from time to time for about $70 US and that seems like a good deal.
B Chamberlain

The part number that you will need is LU-166A. This is for the pertronix unit only. If you also want to do it right, add on the Flame Thrower coil and the 8MM wires. Done once, Done right. The cheapest place that I found for the parts when I did the upgrade was Car Shop, $63.95. The link is:
You can pick up the coil and wire there also. Simple to do. Make sure to go ahead and replace the rotor and distrib cap also.
Arnold Newton

But if you shop around you can find the even better Crane XR-3000 for under $130. In my humble opinion, anyway.

Brent B

Brent, I've wondered about the XR-3000 as the "box" solution"; what makes it better?

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Supposedly a true high energy capacitive discharge system (not multiple spark, though) with a chip that optimizes the energy rather than simply a points replacement kit like the XR-700 & Petronixs. I swear I felt an improvement in power/accel when I hooked it up. Read up on it...

Brent B

That's right - I'm running the Crane XR700 optical points system. That gives you the reliability of not having to adjust points etc. but does not give you a seat-in-the-pants performance increase. It kindof reduces your regular maintenance and modernizes the car.

It was when I added my MSD multiple spark capacitive discharge ignition that I noticed a low RPM gain in torque.

73 5 speed.
John Parfitt

I guess I missed something. I thought Mr. Chamberlain asked about the Pertronix system, not what we thought was better. Everyone has their own ideas about what is the best, be it an ignition system or a headlight.
Arnold Newton

Please excuse me, Arnold, for bringing up a better option - no offense intended. But are you sure Mr. Chamberlin doesn't want to know they're better ignitions out there?

Brent B

Brent if you are refering to the MSD as a better ignition, I totally agree. However, since he asked specifically about the Pertronix, I chose to keep my opinion to myself. If he had asked what we thought was the best options, then I most certainly would have gave him information on the MSD ignition not the Crane. I have the pertronix, as I only have a mildly modified engine that I use as a local cruiser and do not race. A friend who lives about 50 miles away has the crane. There isn't a nickels worth of difference in the performance or reliability. If performance is your main objective, why waste your money on either the Pertronix or the Crane? Go ahead and get the MSD.
Arnold Newton

But Arnold , it's not THE Crane - there is the XR-700, and the XR-3000. They are different as per the posts. I've heard much more BAD about Pertronix then Crane... Sorry. I make no more apologies for stating those facts.

Brent B

Brent, as I stated earlier, everone has their opinion, and opinions are very much like rear ends, everyone has one and no one really cares. The only reason that I came back, is that this is the biggest problem that I have seen on this BBS, that there is far too much opinion and to little fact. If someone asks for our opinions, certainly offer, that is the idea behind BBS's. If someone asks for a specific request, if you can't or won't give the answer requested, you need to let someone else answer. A lot of the choices made as to what is the best for and individual's car, is best determined by that individual. They know how they use their car, and what it is that they are trying to obtain. not to mention how much money they are willing to spend. I do not presume that I have all the answers and everyone needs to use what I say is best. Now, I have peed past your line, now it's your turn. I let you have the final Pee.
Arnold Newton

whew - speaking of rear ends....
Brent B

First little argument I have seen on this BBS in a long time.

Mr Chamberlain asked a simple question. Yes, it could have been left at the end of the first post and been the end of the thread.
BC, sorry your thread is going this way but when someone says, quote: "as I stated earlier, everone has their opinion, and opinions are very much like rear ends, everyone has one and no one really cares. The only reason that I came back, is that this is the biggest problem that I have seen on this BBS, that there is far too much opinion and to little fact." then I need to speak.
I thought the WHOLE purpose of this BBS was to help others.
Simply, Pertronix is NOT the only choice of upgrade to our ignition system. If someone needs to make a decission on what to do as far as upgrading an ignition then he needs to know all the facts. The facts being, what is available. Brent offered his opinion, and yes it is an opinion, but he did offer more information in that there IS an alternative to Pertronix...Maybe BC was/is not aware of this??
It has been my experience on this BBS that the more information I have, the better chance I have of making the correct decision..and yes a lot of it may be opinion. A person builds an opinion on something for a reason.....experience or gathered knowlege.

Is a blue TR better than a Red TR? Is Goodyear better than Yokihama (SP)? Is Castrol better than Quaker state? is Pertronix better than Crane?
There are a lot of OPINIONS that will say one is better than the other.
The more information one has then it is easier to make a decision. In this case it was also an alternative.

Arnold, sorry to say that this BBS does have a lot of opinions in it....experienced opinions. Brent did not spend his time posting for the good of his health. He had something to say and said it. He offered up an alternative. Yes BC did not ask for choices but then a lot of questions are specific. Would it be correct to answer the question: " what radio should I get for my TR?" with Sony?

People spend a lot of time on this BBS giving help..fact or opinion. I do not think it necessary to critisize people for giving an opinion.
I personally take offence to comments said in this thread. I have been a member of this BBS since 1998. It has done me well and have made friends from it. Many times I have asked for help and have been given opinions. Can not say it has done me harm.

Enough said. It is time I give my opinion.
I prefer the pertronix over the crane. I really have no proof that one is better than the other or that either REALLY makes a difference. The only reason I have a preference is because the Pertronix is a "hidden" upgrade to EI where as Crane requires a "box" to be mounted in the engine bay. I want to keep my TR looking original.
After saying that, I can also say that; what I said is also a fact.
BC, regardless of your choice, you will be happier without points to deal with. Also I appologize to you for your thread taking this wrong turn.
Rick C
Do not have a goose but I do have an opinion
Rick Crawford

The goose will withold comment since he honks to a completely different ignition system.

*I* however use a Crane 3000 system and am thoroughly happy with it.

Jim Deatsch

I must agree with Rick on this, no need for a pissing contest. It really boils down to what Mr. Chamberlain wants to accomplish. If he is looking for a upgrade to reduce maintenance and wants it to be nearly transparent to the world, then the Pertronix is the way to go. If he is looking for the same and doesn't worry about transparency, then the Crane XR-700 is an option. The Pertronix is a Hall effect unit (like the Lucas Opus ingition systems for example), while the Crane is an optical pickup unit (like the Hitachi units used in the early ZX turbos for example) that requires an external box.

If he is looking for increased performance, then he is looking at an external box anyway so the options open up even more. This takes you into the realm of capacitive discharge ingitions. The Crane XR-3000 gets you there but is not a multi-spark box. While MSD does not make "inside the distributor" components for Lucas units, their multi-spark boxes can be used with points or with other manufacturer's point replacement units, including the Pertronix and the Crane.

They all have websites, time to do a little reading, so here are the URLs:

Regarding problems, I have heard of problems with both the Pertronix and the Crane, just as I am aware of problems that cropped up with the Lucas Opus and Hitachi systems. If people are using it, someone, somewhere, is going to have a problem.

As for myself, I run a Pertronix with an MSD 6AL box on my TR6.

Dear Sparkies and beloved Goose

I don't like any of them for day to day travel. Unless you keep the good old point set or another one in the trunk. Along with the tools and knowledge to replace! Points will always get you home! A hall works or quits no file will fix. The general overall wiring is iffy at best in most 30 some cars. Electronic devices are not short tolerant. My own rule is fix all the problems then upgrade.

Not sure if there was an argument there RickC. On a Saturday afternoon around my place thats pretty much a normal conversation!

I of course always have the best line in any P*ss*ng competition due to quality tooling. And the old girl still thinks my rear end is the best. She always tells me I'm the biggest Tool and A**h*L* she ever met...:) I'm quite proud of that..:)

I agree with both Arnold and Brent regarding threads. Opinions and options are good. But many times "How do I" questions answers get lossed in the: Well if I were you forget that and buy Nortel thinking.

Biggest problem with this BBS is its very hard to know the level of the questioner or answerers expertise. Many have good theory but little hands on. I am hands on 45 yrs. and find it difficult to describe theory. Plus I play with lots of junk so I sometimes wander off unless in front of me. More of a give me the damn thing and let me fix it person.


Bill Brayford

to answer your question, a red TR is much better
than a blue one.

while I was very pleased with my pertronixs unit
the "flamethrower" coil I purchased at the same time
proved not to produce 40,000 volts as quoted but a
pidily 8,000 volts.
That's my experiance for what its worth.
good luck,
Christopher Trace

OH OH now the gloves are off!

Red TRs are better than Blue? I never knew that?

Bill Brayford

Well now you do Bill, who said you can't teach an old
dog new tricks.
Christopher Trace

Mr Trace
Now that I can post a reply.....

Pick your corner.
That is very opinionated of you Chris:)

I make my point again:
"A person builds an opinion on something for a reason.....experience or gathered knowlege."

But then, that is just my opinion.
Rick C

Oh Ya, I like both red and blue. I own both colours of cars.
Rick Crawford

Oh come on you guys, everyone knows that Crane sucks and MSD rocks.

There. That should settle things once and for all.

John Parfitt
Bragg Creek Alberta

PS Honk Honk.
John Parfitt

GOOD LORD!! What have I done?
I just want to get rid of the points and have the car run smoothly. That and I don't want to spend too much.
Wow. What a bunch of hot heads. (Red)
B Chamberlain

B C, you didn't really do anything but ask a question or two. If the hot head is in reference to Crane vs Pertronix vs MSD vs whatever, I don't know what to say other than you have access to information (see the URLs in my earlier post), look things over and make the choice that is right for you. As long as you do that, it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks or says.

If the hot head is in reference to red vs blue, my TR6 is red, but truth be known, red is not one of my favorite colors. I'm the wrong person to even try and answer that "what is your favorite color" question. Sort of like the scene in Holy Grail, I'd probably end up being tossed into the gorge. I don't even know the air speed of a fully laden swallow!

Easy big fella, just having abit of fun at your
expense Rick. Trying to stir up the pot. I knew you would take bait (Rick's beautiful TR6 is blue by the way) Thought I could rile you and Bill at the same time. However, I do notice that B Chamberlain's last word in his most recent post is (Red)! This is obviously a thinly disguised endorsment of my previous statement. RED RULES!

John Parfitt, Perhaps we could meet half way, say Manitoba, load our sling shots, plough some holes through a wasps nest and see what happens?
Christopher Trace

African Swallow?

Or European?
J. L. Stein

You won't find an African swallow here. This is a temperate zone.
D Hasara

Sounds good Christopher - then we can have a few pints and argue about who is Canada's hockey team.

Me convincing you that Calgary is a much better team than Toronto stands about as much chance as all these other guys convincing one another which ignition system is the best.......

But I digress.

(I sure like my MSD though!)

Bragg Creek
73 5 Speed.

John Parfitt

So now you are calling me fat EH??? knew I would jump on that one:) It was Dr. Bill who suggested the gloves off thing. Yup, a little bit of levity in this thread was in order. I see John thought so also.

I think we should all get rid of our EIs and go back to points and condensors...then we could discuss which brand of points is best. Some one could start a thread lke "How big is your gap?" then Chris could do the first post:
What.... the one between your ears?

Rick C

Rick Crawford

Yeah, what Rick C said. <G>

and, to paraphrase Bobby Vinton...

"Blue on Blue, heartache on heartache, the car is red, it's so hard to take..."


Jim (with the blue Goose)
Jim Deatsch

BC, I think that you are on the right track. The only time (knock wood) my car let me down was a corroded points problem. I replaced my points with the Pertronics and my coil with their Flame Thrower and never looked back. It takes at most 20 min to install, looks orginal and works. No question, I would do this upgrade again.
A british sports car needs to be BRG!
Steve Crosby

I also use Pertronics..Simple to install..No setup...Magnetic trigger (no optical eye for dirt to interfere with)..and out of sight under the cap..

P.S. Best colour Green with Tan interior(true Gentleman's colour)
Peter Becker

Ah come on guys...what is the name of our famous schooner on our dime?
Gotta agree with Steve and Peter ( on the Pertronix, not the colour:). Very simple install for a non-ballast ignition system.

Right Rick...start that again!

Rick C

Then there is the one from the king of R&R ... Blue Suede shoes.
Rick Crawford


Twas Carl Perkins who wrote and first recorded that classic about them there shoes.

So there.

Jim (I asked the Goose)
Jim Deatsch

Elvis wears Red Shoes

to answer your question, the Bluenose ,
Terrific ... in its time.
Then came the Red Rocket.
Christopher Trace

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