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Triumph TR6 - Plastic Gearbox tunnel cover

Does anybody have a plastic gearbox cover on their car? How does it fit or otherwise work? Is it flimsy or substantial, are the holes in the right place etc? Thanks

The one in my car works very well and the fit-up is fine.
Brent B

Hi Michael
I have a glassfibre one in my car and it fits fine but I had to drill & cut all the holes including the one for the gearstick.
R. Algie

Mine tunnel is an ABS plastic part from MOSS which looks good on the test fit. I have to drill the bolt holes but otherwise looks plug-and-play. I'll be installing my tunnel next week after I test drive the car after a two year resto. I'v got Hermans Toyota 5speed tranny conversion with a hyd throwout bearing in there so don't dare fit the interior back together until I'v got a few miles of commissioning...

John Parfitt
73 TR6
John Parfitt

lett us know your conv. goes, pros&cons.
thinking of doing the same

Just to add a bit, the tunnel I bought from the Roadster Factory was pre-drilled and a great fit. You might want to think about insulating the uderside; I got a roll of foam-backed foil which was self-adhesive an Home Depot. Went on a ride yesterday afternoon in 90+ degree heat, much more comfortable than the MGB we sold last fall.
Rod Nichols

Rod- Been thinking about doing something as you did.What was the product called? Do you recall?
Don K.

Don - I used HVAC Pipe wrap from Home Depot to cover my stock transmission cover a couple years ago. In fact I used the pipe wrap all over the inside firewall as well - it really makes a difference in suppressing drivetrain noise and reducing heat.

Rod - I'll give a full report on the transmission conversion once I get a few miles on. I'll start a thread so it doesn't get lost in the transmission tunnel archives...

John Parfitt

John Parfitt

This thread was discussed between 28/05/2003 and 30/05/2003

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