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Triumph TR6 - Question of Color

My TR6 is Pimento Red, which as it fades turns out to be orange. I am interested in changing the color to BRG but am curious to know if anyone has changed colors and what all it entails. The body is in pretty good condition and is not ready for a body off restoration. How big of a project is this? Should I wait until I need a restoration to do the car? Any ideas of cost? I won't be doing any body work or painting myself.

S.A. Neill

A color change done right is one of the most involved tasks you can do with one of these cars. My own personal opinion is that to do a color change right you are looking at a frame off job and full stripping. Stopping just short of that, you strip as best you can, then reshoot with the new color. This means reshooting all of the little nooks and crannies and floors and opening bays. It also means getting the car up in the air and much shooting and masking work. Frames on these cars should be black, the underside of the car is body color. Lots and lots of shooting and masking. A truly tedious task, but the results will be worth it. Too bad that the frames aren't body color like the later Spitfires. Life would at least be somewhat simplified.

If you are paying someone to do the entire job, it will drive the price much higher. It is also the type of job that many regular body shops do not like to take on simply because to do it right involves so much work. It may be the type of thing where you do the stripping and cutting in of the underside, then have the shop do any metal repair, prep and painting.


My car was originally Pimento Red as well. It had too much orange for my tastes. I choose a Porsche Red which has some orange in it, but not as much. This way I was able to be close to the original color but with a few shades less orange. I am quite happy with the color. However I did do a frame off restoration, which allowed me to paint everything. Personally I think one should have a car the color they like as opposed to staying with originality.

Doug Campbell

I can not imagine doing a "drastic" change of colour without removing the body. Just doing under the bonnett would be almost impossible without removing everything.
If you do not care what it looks like under the bonnett (meaning you will have a different colour under there) then I suppose the doors could be removed, stripped of everything repainted. The sills and A&B posts done. Remove the fur-flex around the doors so the entire interiour and windscreen can be "masked" off. Then IMHO remove all exteriour parts ( bumpers and lights) then repaint. The boot, well I suppose a complete removal of everything and repainted. If you want the paint bill to be a LOT less then you should do the removal of all I have mentioned. Then do the reinstall yourself.
This is no simple job Shelly.
"Any ideas of cost? I won't be doing any body work or painting myself." $5000.00???? If done my suggested route. A lot less if no removal of parts but you will not be happy with it.

Doug, I think, has your best choice.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


Like you, I'm not struck on the color of my (White) '76 but after researching and pricing, even with all trim & interior completely removed, the cost is high and I still won't get all the under bonnet done properly. I'm sticking with the original # 19 White and will detail as best I can under the bonnet to bring it back to spec. I'll repaint properly under there when I rebuild the engine & White will definitely be easier. Mine doesn't need a frame off yet either. Thinking about pickup bed black crinkle finish for the trunk; won't see it anyway with new carpet & board set. It's not a show car. BTW - it's the last White TR6 still running in these parts so it's unique at least.

A.R. Evans

I changed from Pimento to Sapphire blue for the same reasons as you, but I'm afraid I cannot see how you can do this job properly without a body off the frame resto at the same time.
R. Algie

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