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Triumph TR6 - Rad and hoses replacement

Hellow everyone,

I have a 1974 tr6 and would like to hear if anyone can answer my question?

I am looking for the best cost on a rebuild or new rad and hoses. I called crapy Tire but they do not carry it. I called british Auto Sports and they wants lots of $$$$$ Looking for a place in the GTA (TORONTO)


I think a trip through the phone book will find a radiator repair shop or 2 near you. Maybe you'll get lucky and your radiator will be able to be patched. If it's leaking where the tubes run into the tank (actually called the header), or on the seam around the tank, this may be a reasonable option. If it's leaking in the middle of the tubes and things are looking a bit rotten, or it's really plugged, you'll need a recore. They take the top and bottom tanks from your old radiator and put them on a new core in the same 3 dimensions as your old one. You may be given the choice of upgrading the amount of rows of tubes or staying with what you have.

The hoses are available from what we call the "Big Three" Victoria British, The Roadster Factory, and Moss Motors. They're probably available somewhere in Toronto, too. The "Big 3" are easily found on the 'net, along with many others that will send you the parts you need. I'm guessing $300 in parts will do the job well, but as they say, your mileage may vary. A patch job or removing the top tank should be more
reasonable. You will save a lot by doing the remove/install yourself.

I have had a rad rebuild on both my TR6 and MGB up here in Thunder Bay at a local rad shop. For hoses I took my old hoses into the local NAPA place and we went in the back and found a preformed one that was the correct size and with a suitable bend. I cut off the unneeded other end and it works perfectly for under $20.00. I did this for both cars.

Ken Bittle


I contacted 2 local rad shops here in Georgetown Ontario area and was quoted near $300 by both for a full rad rebuild. I went with it as it was still less than buying and shipping from the US. I figured the rate was competitive since both were so close.

I stayed traditional using what they call an industrial fin design (very tight spacing between fins)versus the North American rad fin design (wide spacing between fins. The North American design would have been less expensive but I didn't get quotes so I can't say how much.

I haven't tested it yet since I am still in process of assemblying the car so I can't say if I would recommend them or not yet. The job looks A1 though. If you want the name of the guy I can give it to you. Let me know.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

Jeff, Tom, Ken & Mike:

Jeez! Three Canadian answers to one question. Ain't that great! Up here (North & East is up guys) on "The Rock" I've got a small seam leak - not real serious but my heater core leaks like a basket. Have you guys had your heater core re-done? Cost?? I know it means pulling the heater box & it's a S.O.B. to get at so what was your experience? Jeff: have you tried Stop - Leak? If it's only around the seam it may not be too bad. Mike: I can get the rad done for a lot less than $300 up here; you should shop around.

A.R. Evans

Ken, you reminded me of my frugality. I changed the rad hoses on my minivan and the old ones looked very good yet. Hmmm.. I did a little eyeballing and jumped in. The bends were the right radius and the diameter perfect! A lot better than what she had on her before!

A.R.-Check out the new TRF catalog (it is online). They have all of the heater components available as well as rebuilt units. The core is $95 Americano.
Berry Price
BTP Price


I just changed all the hoses on my 73 TR6. Penninsula Auto Parts in Oakville had everything I needed at $6-$13 per hose. Fast delivery as well.

BTW - I just discovered this forum. Looks great!


While we're talking heater cores...It's a good idea to flush the core every 3 or 4 years..when I got my car 4 years ago I flushed the core and was amazed at all the silt that came out. I disc both hoses to the heater and stuck a hose on at my friends shop and ran hot water through both directions for a good 5-10 mins. I'm sure cold water would have been fine also but don't send to much pressure through !!
Charlie Ballard

Any good rad shop can do the re-core. The core is still available for a 6. The core is not cheep..that is why you will be paying big bucks....the old supply and demand thing.
If Peninsula has the hoses for that price then so will Fred at BAS.
The 2 hoses that you really want to look at are the 2 small hoses inside the driver foot well for the supply and return to the heater core. Beleive me, THE most difficult to get at and change but usually the first to go south.

Fred, like I said in another thread to you,welcome. If you think what you see here is great, then wait to see what you will have when you joint and get access to the 7 years of ARCHIVES:)

Rick C
Rick Crawford


I took my rad into Ontario Radiator for a re-core about a year ago. If I remember correctly they charged about $200 including a black paint job. I could choose the fin type and it looks like the original. All in all I was happy.

If you're interested they're at 228 Drumlin Circle (Keele/Steeles). 905-738-5235

Rick C: Thanks for the welcome. I just joined and started browsing the archives. I'm in heaven.

Fred Lepper

TRF has a web sale until Thanksgiving Day with the complete hose set (Green hoses) for $84.95 USD; includes black hoses for the heater, I think. Don't know if this is a good deal or not.
Doug Baker

If you want original than green hoses are the only thing, and they'll soak you for them but black hoses conduct fluid just as well. As Rick C. says those small black heater hoses are a must for a good rebuild.

Fred, Welcome you have joined the ranks of the Ontario

Christopher Trace

Doug--Unless TRF has changed the manufacturing of the green hoses over the last 3 years, you may not get what you bargained for. The TRF set I got then quickly darkened (guess due to the under bonnet temps) and changed color. I replaced them with black. You may want to ask about that before buying.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Thanks for the caution...and I was just about to take the plunge accepting TRF's marketing language. I may anyway, but with awareness of your experience, I'll discuss with their technical folks before I purchase.

Different subject but related...when replacing all the hoses, might it be recommended to also replace the heater divert valve? I do not yet know if it's functional but have no reason to doubt that it is. Just that it's original and now 33 years old. By way of explantion, my 71 was in non-running condition when I purchased it to restore and I have not attempted to make it run before beginning the full restoration.
Doug Baker

Doug--If the valve's original, the rubber diaphragm in it has likely rotted away. I'd go with a new one (they're relatively inexpensive--less than $30 last time I checked). Also remember that there are 2 hoses between the bulkhead and the heater core. They are a bear to get to, so you might want to wait to see if your passenger gets wet feet before crawling under there.

Rick O.
'72 TR-6
Rick Orthen

Rick O- I like you had a problem with a couple of "green" hoses. I called TRF and they said they had a problem for a while and and they sent me out replacements. ANC
Don K.

Thanks for the thought. I'll replace the valve.
Not a problem with the's coming out along with everything else. This baby will be like a Las Vegas show girlWhen it goes back in it'll have all new hoses and clamps. I don't know yet if I'll recore it, but will probably boil out the core and pressure test it for leaks or potential leaks. I've replaced a few of those in various vehicles and understand the frustration of getting to them. The easiest was my 77 Jeep Wagoneer. The heater core was on the firewall out front. Two bolts and it was out!!

Don, does your experience mean that the problem is solved or might I also expect to have to have TRF hoses replaced after a while??
Doug Baker

I am not sure as I have not run it since the new hoses were replaced. this was a couple of years ago. They say they have taken care of the problem .My suggestion is give them a call and ask.They want you to be happy and don't want to hassle with returns
Don k.

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