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Triumph TR6 - Rear Bumper Holes?

Hi Guys,

This is a truly newbie question - the centre rear bumper has two holes on the top, about the size of a quarter. I have scoured the catalogues and BBS's without any luck figuring out what the heck goes there.

The only thing I've seen is a Triumph badge, but that appears to mount on the face of the bumper, rather than on top.

Can someone sort me out please?

S O'Reilly

steve where are you in nl?
lw gilholme

Can you post a pic.
What year is your car?
All important info when you are a new.

Gimme a call, Les and I will figure it out for ya. :)
I've got that carb fitting you're looking for - left you a voice mail.
Bob Evans

I don't know the year of your car, but up to and including the 1972 model year, the license plate lamp was mounted there. If your car is a 1973 or later, it is possible that at some point in the car's life an earlier rear bumper was fitted.


Sounds like your bumper is from a 69-70 car where the license plate light wires came up through the 2 openings The light fixture sat on top the bumper.

You can see it on the picture of my 69 . Under the light are 2 holes.

Michael Petryschuk

Thanks guys.

Les, I'm in St. John's, over in Southlamds.

Bob, you should drop by some day/evening to have a look - she's coming together nicely.

The car has a 1974 motor, a 1975 body and now, apparently, a 1969-70 rear bumper ;-)

It may be a mutt but it's a pretty one!

I have had lots of MG's and Spits before but this is my first TR6. Easily the coolest of the bunch.

S O'Reilly

This thread was discussed between 23/11/2014 and 26/11/2014

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