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Triumph TR6 - Rebuilt TR6 engine

I may have an opportunity to purchase a TR6 engine that was rebuilt by a machine shop (no documentation as to which one)in 1999, covered in plastic and crated. It has been in indoor storage (not heated in winter) ever since.. What does one do before attempting to start it. Can I run the oil pump on its own to circulate oil?, how?, must I take it apart and replace assembly grease and perhaps seals?. Thanx for your help.
P. E. Landry

Has it been stored dry?
As in, with or without oil

Apparently the sump has some oil in it.
P. E. Landry

That might not be good as the oil will attract moisture. Most motors are stored without oil in them.

Mine was rebuilt about 5 or6 years ago and I'm still crossing all the digits.

It appears that the safest option suggested is to take the motor apart, inspect and rebuild using the existing parts - new assembly lube, gaskets and seals. Does that sound reasonable?? Thanx for your help.

Paul Landry
71 TR6
P. E. Landry

Paul- You can try to start it up. At the worst it will just leave you stranded somewhere. Most probably it will just Quit.
Hopefully not over heat
Hey, if you need a spare head you can have mine..

What's the body # of your 71

Hey, Don,thanx for the advice and the offer. It would be a shame if I switched engines only to find that the "new" one won't cut it and have to start over again. I thought of pumping oil through before starting it and all those other remedies but. . . .no guarantees. I'm afraid I don't have the body number of my '71 but the commission number is: CC60100L.
P. E. Landry

Sorry, that's what I meant. .Must be pre spring of 71?

Don, I'm afraid I can't remember it's manufacturing date cause the car has been put away for the winter. I'm still waiting on the vendor to respond to my offer.
P. E. Landry

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