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Triumph TR6 - Recommended Tire Size

I'm about to sell off my Coker Redline tires and would like to hear from the masses on the favorite tire brand and size to run on our TR6's.

It will not be run in snow, but, wet road handling is important along with dry road, noise and comfort.

your thoughts.

L Caya

Somebody help Ken here. mine still got the 185/70's it was shod with in 94

Can't help you a whole lot Ken

I have the Coker tires now ( since the car was restored in 2005) and can't remember too well what the michelins were like on it when it was on the road in the late 70's. I do seem to remember the michelins were a real nice ride. Don't know the size though - probably the 185 15.
Michael Petryschuk

Hello Ken,

Many brand are suitable. I prefer Pirelli Scorpion STR 205/70x15 rated H speed.
That size was recommended many years ago in former British Car mag. for TR6.

When I bought my TR6 the originals were Michelin XAS rated H also.


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

A lot of good info on tires here in the archives so you can read away an evening if you want. A popular choice on the forum here is 205/70 - 15. I'm running Yokohama Avid TRZ's and like them very much and prices at are good on these. Example of pricing; local dealer quoted me $167 each for the Yokes, plus shipping and a special handling charge. I bought the same tires from Tire Rack for $67 each and even with the $154 shipping charge to Canada they were a hell of a lot cheaper than local.
Bob Evans

Ken, Check out Khumho tires. Fairly inexpensive and I have them on my Wedge


I have 205-70 yokahomas on my 6
DL Harding

These come in handy.

Joe S

Thaks All,
I will be going with the 205/70-15 Yokohama Avid TRZ's

L Caya

This thread was discussed between 05/07/2011 and 08/07/2011

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