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Triumph TR6 - Rick Crawford

Hi. Many of you on this site know Rick Crawford and his blue '71 TR6. It is with sadness that I inform you that Rick passed away this week after a long fight with cancer. Rick was a huge contributor to this site, and helped many including myself with thier TR6. He was enthusiastic, and shared his knowledge with all who had a problem to fix. Many of you are familiar with Rick's blue '71 "Mistress" that he miticulously restored. His car was a familiar sight at many of the car exhibits, and particularly at the annual British Car Show at Bronte where his car won first place several years. He will be missed.
Below is Rick with his TR6
May he rest in peace.
Pete Russell
Thornbury, Ontario

Pete Russell

Thanks for the update Pete

Sorry to hear the news. My wife Nancy and I enjoyed our get togethers with Rick and his contributions to the BBS and the TR6 drives we went on and attending Bronte. I will miss his always enthusiastic outlook. The TR6 community has lost an avid supporter. Our condolences to his family.
Michael Petryschuk

Very saddened .
A good friend although we we only spent maybe a couple of hours face to face

Thanks for letting us know Pete
Rick was a great guy... always willing to help and share his knowledge
I enjoyed a few brown pops with him over the years
and he will be missed

RIP Rick
Charlie B.

My wife and I are planning a trip back east in September, and talked to Rick a few months ago. He offered up a night at their house, even with the battle he was fighting. What a guy, and he is and will be sorely missed.
Thanks Pete, for passing the news on to us.
Rod Nichols

So sad to hear the news of Ricks passing. I never met the chap, but he was always around to answer questions. RIP Rick .....I shall have a dram or two for you.
lw gilholme

Sad to hear indeed, Rick was one of the first people that that I got to know on the BBS (along with his "mistress") and was always a strong advocate of the 1971 TR6 being the best of the bunch and Delft being the best color. Knowing the effort put into the car and the results, it was hard to argue about his logic on those points.

You may have to zoom in ..but here's a nice shot from my car of Rick enjoying a Northern Ontario run..
Drive On Rick !!!!

Charlie B.

Charlie, as a Saskatchewanian I look at that curvy road with envy.

I never met Rick in person either but he was a contributor to almost every thread and his posts were always filled with good information, good humour and good will. We were fortunate that he shared his time and knowledge with us.

A. J. Koschinsky

Sorry to learn of Rick's passing. It was a long and hard fought battle with prostate cancer. Rick and I never got to meet face to face although he'd "wave" from I-75, a hundred miles East, as he journeyed to and from Florida with his Dad each Spring and Fall. We often talked of meeting up in Chattanooga or Atlanta, but never made the link up. Rick was my partner in developing and effecting the initial distribution of the TR6 cd which we did a few years ago. He was loyal, considerate and an avid 71 TR6 fan as Steve Pike commented. His posts on the BBS were cogent, logical and always helpful. Indeed, he'll be missed. Fair winds, my friend and great driving weather always.
Doug Baker

I was saddened to hear this news from Charlie as I had not been on the forum in a couple of weeks. Like many, I had never met Rick in person but benefited greatly from his generously shared knowledge and his one-on-one long distance help with problems I encountered over the years and I was fortunate to speak with him by phone on a few occasions. His contribution to the CD's is still helping TR6 drivers world-wide and that's a pretty fine legacy for a great guy. With Charlie B. visiting here with his wife Holly and Les Gilholme now living nearby we did get together and hoist a dram or two in his honor a few nights ago. God speed Rick, you'll be sorely missed - hope there's TR6's in heaven.
Bob Evans

Sorry Bob ,
Figured you knew or I would have sent you a note

No problem Don, ya can't think of everything :)
Bob Evans

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