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Triumph TR6 - Road Trip

I took a little ride this weekend out to visit family outside of Richmond Va. I followed the more scenic route along route 10 below the James River. Round trip and some side rides about 500 miles. Everything ran as expected. I noticed the Engine misfired a little accelerating at low rpms. Other than that it was smooth riding.

I had a question.
Tire pressure specs, as per triumph call for 20 frnt and 24 rear i think. Tires call for the standard 30-32lbs. Any comments? I have been running them at the recomended triumph pressures.


S.M. Stephano

What do you mean "call for 30-32 lbs" ?? Remember the TR6 is lighter than most cars out there and at what weight is the 30-32 lbs for ... at maximum load (?) ... no where near what the car weighs. Seems to me there was a discussion about this sometime ago. Check the archives.

I typically run a few more pounds than what the book recommends, 25-27 maybe, but 30-32 sounds a bit hard. I'm sure the other guys will have comments.

Sid Turner

Barney Gaylord has a website related to MGA's in particular, I'm sure it's easily found by searching the usual ways. He explains in detail how to come up with the perfect tire pressures for your use. The side of the tires lists maximum recommended pressure.

The reason I asked this was that when I took it in for tires they pumped them up to 32. I asked the guy that installed them and his answer was that the tires performed best at their reccomended pressures which led me into questioning the weight issues with the car etc.. I found the site Tom mentioned

I guess for the average car the specs from the manufacturer work for tire wear and longevity. Just curious. After all this is not your average car. By the way I travelled all weekend and never saw another Triumph of any model. In fact I saw no other mgs or another brit of this vintage. In my area there is a running 250 and a 73 tr6 also running. I sure turned a lot of heads and had some great conversations at various stops with guys that remembered these cars and always wanted one.

S.M. Stephano

S M's comment of not meeting other Brit roadster's prompts this note. I have a 73 TR-6 and just convinced my friend Sally to get one to enjoy our club activities. We found one for her at Thomas Hamman classic cars: It is still on the site. (she didn't pay asking price) I drove it from CT to Maine for her (three weeks ago) and saw one TR-4A in eight hours!!!

We took off from mid coast Maine on Saturday driving towards Canada with both 73's. Although we saw a TR-7 looking us over as we ate at a popular take out restaurant. That was it.

On Sunday we returned to find a great auto show in progress at a local business and one Big Healy...the rest Detroit iron!

What a hoot to have a nice pair out and touring the coast of Maine. We decided to bring hers to the British Invasion at Stowe. There we will have a lot of company.
73 TR-6
Dave Mendenhall

I just used the tire gauge I got for Christmas today. I had been using a crappy one I got cheap somewhere, it sometimes stuck at about 20 pounds and didn't think I could depend on it. Well, every tire on 3 vehicles was close enough to 30 pounds to call it that, except for one that has a slow leak. I'm not sure about my new gauge's accuracy, it looks high quality, but I think the TR needs a little more than what I have in now on the front pair. I just like the crispness of a little higher than what it is now. It's really up to you what pressures you run. I like to play with the toe-in too sometimes if it doesn't feel right to me. You can always put it back where it was or go the other way, if you mark it or remember how many flats of the locknut, whatever. You could have the shop do it, but you could do it yourself in the parking lot in the time it takes to make the appointment. (3 or 4 times to get it just right to you, then try to get him to work on your car next time! "I think I liked it better the way it was before"...HA.."I think I have another opening about Feb 31.") Ah, the fun of tuning. Only problem is, my hands are never really clean throughout the summer months. Just can't keep my hands off the old girl.

Shoulda said "off the dirty old girl".

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