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Triumph TR6 - Rocker Shaft end plugs

I just received the end plugs for my rocker shaft, having discovered that the DPO decided not to fit any (he left the retaining screw out as well). Could someone please tell me which way round the plugs go? It looks like the open end of the plug should go to the outside, but I would appreciate someone confirming this for me! Also, if I have to remove the plug again, how would i do it?

Thanks in advance

Wright You are Alistair,

They must be mounted with the open end on the outside ,then drilled trough the rocker gear shaft and the end plug at the same time and finelly secured with a split pin.Do this on both sides.


Frans Caers

Hey, A new guy!

I'm not so new Don,but most of the time,I was lurking the list en learned every day.
On this side of the pond,we only know this kind of conversation by a e-mail list at the UK (TR Register)and because my TR is a ex-Californian car;I feel more attracted to the US.
Once,I've tryed to find the history of the car,but that didn't work.
From now on,I write a few words on Your list,from time to time.

Frans Caers

Hi Frans
Thanks for the reply. I am afraid that I still don't understand, though. There is a split pin at the front end of the shaft, but nowhere I could drill at the back. Surely there would be holes already drilled in the shaft even if the last owner didn't use them? The parts catalogues I have don't show a hole or split pin used at the back. I am sorry to be a dope, but would appreciate any help!

Only one split pin and it is at the forward end of the rocker shaft.

Sorry Alistair,
Steve is right,it's only at the front

Frans Caers

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