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Triumph TR6 - Runoffs E-Prod Race on TV

For those in the NA market with cable and SpeedTV, the E-Production race from this years SCCA Runoffs will be broadcast at 1:00 pm (1300 hrs) Eastern time (that would be 5.42 hrs for those operating on 10 hour metric days). If you want to see a TR6 in SCCA Club Racing, this is the class to watch.

This years race had one of the largest fields at the Runoffs and was rather wild affair that wound up running on the clock as opposed to a full complement of laps. Check it out.........

on which day?
Bob Craske


5.42 on the metric clock, I love it! ! ! !


D'oh! Today, 11 December

Steve Thanks for the call, Great race and what a well sorted TR6, I thought he was going to win on the last lap but the old red mist put him 3rd, great result considering what he was up against.A refreshing change from the good ol boys roundy round. Clive
Clive P

Yea, they can keep that left turn only roundy round and oval stuff along with the taxi cabs that race there. Give me right and left hand turns with some elevation changes and sports cars to go through them.

This is the first year that a TR shoe has put it on the podium since Fletcher Williams won E-Prod with an expiring engine in either 1992 or 1993 (can't remember which) when the Runoffs were at Road Atlanta. For the next season he switched over to a Nissan 240 SX to run in GT3. I recall Fletcher and Sam Halkias pitting the TR6s together along the road that runs down to the lower paddock area at Road Atlanta.

When we went to the Runoffs, we were always under the Nissan tent with either the B210, Sentra or 200SX GT4 car (which one we ran depended on the year in question), but I always made a point to go see Fletcher and Sam or after Fletcher joined us under the Nissan tent, go by and see Sam to say hello and wish him well. Nice guy and well turned out car. I was happy to see him do well this year as he has had some tough ones at that track.

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