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Triumph TR6 - Screen saver Version 2...

is now up and ready for your enjoyment.

I've added the 5 cars that Charlie was good enough to email me.

Remember fellow Goosers, case is important.

Jim Deatsch

I know, you where having fun with us or are you also guilty of typo.
Gentlemen, change the 5 to a 6 and voila!
Rick C
P.S. Thanks Jim. Good job and I use it!
Rick Crawford

Hi Jim D Thanks for the new screen saver. Please check the exe. file (TR5 versus TR6)
Ta! Brian's TR6
B.R. Horne

Hiding my head here.


The problem is one needs to be smarter than the keyboard. Hence the mistreak.

it IS, of course, as Rick was so gentle with me in pointing out... TR6.exe

One of these days I'll get it together.

Jim ( minus 1, carry the 2, plus 8 )
Jim Deatsch

OK James,

I will try to decipher the last line of your post using my well known higher mathematical ability?

(-1) Your wife ran off with a rich guy. No Alimony. Anything to get rid of that honking goose right. Kool

(carry the 2) She didn't take the Tr5/6 whatever its called or the Honda CB. Lovely lady!

(plus 8) Doing what any sensible man would do you went out and bought a Morgan plus 8 to console yourself.

My kinda guy buddy!!!

Bill Brayford

Laughing hysterically here, we really DO need to find a hobby don't we? Is it summer yet?

It's a CBX you creighton. Jeesh. She can't drive a stick so I'm safe, right?

Ohhhhhh, plus 8. Be still my heart.

Jim (Goosed)
Jim Deatsch

Nice one Deechey! - must say that that I was in the office the other day (is there anywhere else?) and had the sound up cruzin to JJ Cale when my next appointment arrived. Closed off JJ and got down business. Some 5 minutes later (screen saver cut-in time), we were all spun round to see what the hell that sound was!! ------- A BLOODY GOOSE!!!.....(forgot to turn the sound down!).......still laughing just thinking about it.

Roger (you got me)
Roger H

All part of my role in life.

The goose keeps me going. <G>

Jim (even getting them in Auzzieland)
Jim Deatsch


Are you calling me names ?
Or are you referring to my famous out of space nephew !

Erik Creyghton

That would be the one Erik. After all, he's spaceless, N'est ce pas?

Jim (who's space is low and that's a fact)
Jim Deatsch

This thread was discussed between 25/01/2004 and 30/01/2004

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