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Triumph TR6 - Seat Belt Installation

I would like to install a new set of seat belts in the six (1970). Originally it had the static 3-point type but I would like to retro fit the retractable reel style but am a little unsure as to the location of one mounting point, specifically the "shoulder strap loop" point.

I researched the archives and found a post by Rick C. (Rick, if you're out there...)and he seems to talk a fellow thru this process, but I was wondering if anyone (Rick?)had a pic of this mounting point in their vehicle I could use as reference.

Does it get in the way of the convertible top frame?
I'm thinking of using an aftermarket set
( from a company called Wesco out on the west coast, CA.

Anybody had any experience with this type of mounting?
Dennis Silance

Hi Dennis,
Attached is a pic of Charlie's wind blocker that I am using to show you the position of the wheel arch attachment point. As you can see, it is virtually directly above the recoil mechanism and close to the edge of the wheel arch.
If you have TR6 CDII, then you have more pics of Charlie's wind blocker and obviously more pics of the Stilton does not get in the way of the top frame. My belt does rub on the convertible top cover when installed and does not want to recoil automatically all the time when I get out of the car.
Rick Crawford

Darn...not sure what happened but message got sent before I could check it and add the pic. SOOO let me try again.
Correction first: "...more pics of the Stilton does not get..." CORRECTION:...More pics of the seat belt. No the seat belt does not.....

Dennis, support our suppliers as they also sell the 3 point seatbelt systems.

Rick Crawford

Thanx for the heads-up about the pics on the CD, they're great!
I think I have the hole on top of the wheel wells already there from previous 3-point mount. I covered them up when re-doing the interior.
Rick, if you're referring to 'suppliers' as in Jeff at LBC co, I give him plenty of support. I think I'm on a monthly payment plan with him ;)
Dennis Silance

Dennis, I don't know about price or delivery, but TRF sells a retractable 3 point belt that they say is a good fit and look. I'll probably look at that one soon to replace mine.

rw loftus


Your welcome. You might also find the B post threaded hole is already there.
Not sure I would be wanting to do a full body off restoration on a LBC today. I think prices have almost doubled since 2000. '98 to'01, I was around $10G in parts from several suppliers US and Canada.
Rick Crawford

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