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Triumph TR6 - Side window channel

Hi Guys,
My glass channel ( drivers side ) decided to rust and let go this week-end..I've figured out how to get it out but the channel and the rubber that meets the glass is securely attached....I know I need to replace the channel but I think I should take it to a auto glass guy who has less chance of breaking the glass than I do!!..anybody else have this problem?
Charlie B.

hi Charlie

When I did my resto, there was a rubber 'C' shaped gasket between the glass and the metal channel. It was friction fit and appeared to be the factory installation. Unless the glass has been glued in with some form of sealant the channel should knock off.
The glass is tougnened so it will take a fair effort to break it. Lay the glass on a folded towel and tape some paper to the glass. Use a timber block against one end of the metal channel and starting gently, give it a few whacks. That should do it. I used black non-hardening windscreen sealant to re-secure it rather than the gasket or silicone.

Roger H

Hi Roger,
Thanks...that makes sense that it's a friction fit...I can still use the window but I'll be parking the car in 3 or 4 weeks so I'll remove it then and try the hammer and block.
Charlie B.

Ok I know this sound wierd but it works. Tech support at Moss told me this; put on a pair of rubber gloves so you can grip window and pull very hard you can use boiling water Or tea if you are afraid not to keep everything original in the channel to soften the rubber. Hey and after a few hours it comes right out !!!
When it moves the first time you will be so excite you may have to have smoke and a nap.
Happy pulling,

That makes sense...I'll try that first ! for installing the new one my mechanic tells me to wet the rubber with oil and install it with the channel..when the oil dries up it bonds tight to the glass..

Charlie B.

Hi Charlie When I replaced mine I got the correct glazing strips from Fred at British Autosport. They weren't very expensive and they were correct I tapped the old ones off with a mallet and a small scraper. The new ones I just tapped on dry with a rubber mallet. I replaced the guides in the window tracks as well. The new tracks were really expensive so I got the correct material from MacGregor British Car Parts in Dundas Ontario He runs the place on his own and is very knowledgable. He would likely have the glazing strips as well. I bought all the seals for the car from him including the Bristleflex door seals that he patented. Very nice stuff Regards John
John O'Meara

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